Lessons for America From South Africa + There IS Hope!

Even as South Africa collapses and implodes amid communism and corruption, there are lessons for America, and there IS hope! Those are the messages shared by guests on this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

First up, hope is universal and we all need it now more than ever, explained Patrick Coffin, co-founder of the Hope Is Fuel movement and the first guest
in this episode of The Sentinel Report with Alex Newman.

Patrick points out that whether you’re a Conservative Republican or Liberal Democrat, everyone needs hope. He also explains how you can easily join the Hope Is Fuel movement to find out how to find the light in these dark times and stay encouraged. The Hope Is Fuel.com events feature counseling from Dr. Peter Breggin and more.

Next on the show was Col. Chris Wyatt (Ret.), a leading expert on African affairs and gives us his insight on what’s really happening in South Africa right now, an imploding nation he just returned from. More importantly, Chris explains how this could be a cautionary tale for Americans.

In news, Alex goes through:

–On Monday, Russia’s highest investigative authority announced the launch of a criminal investigation against the ICC prosecutor and judges who issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin on war crimes charges.

–HB 1445 and SB 256 bill by Representative Black and Senator Ingoglia would prohibit school boards from collecting union dues for teachers directly from paychecks. I believe that teacher’s unions should have less influence in government schools. I also believe that unions should be responsible for collecting their own dues.

–Biden regime discriminating against African reporter by refusing to call on him for 7 months? Making mockery of 1st Amendment. Says they look down on him. Could it be because African governments are united against promotion of homosexuality, trans etc by USG?

–Flashback: Clinton Settles Paula Jones Lawsuit for $850,000 — 1998 — President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones yesterday, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit that led to the worst political crisis of his career and only the third presidential impeachment inquiry in American history.

–St. Greta, one of the leaders of the climate cult, gets a theology doctorate for her pagan ramblings on climate change. University of Helsinki confirmed that the warmist cult is in fact a dangerous cult by announcing this week that it was giving the autistic Swedish child an honorary doctorate…in theology.

–Should not be surprising considering the anti-biblical madness that passes for theology in the Marxist indoctrination centers. Consider Columbia University’s Union Seminary theology students a couple years ago worshipping and confessing to potted plants who sustain them.

–If you have not read my Cover Story in The New American magazine from COP27 in Egypt, the headline is The UN’s New World Religion.

–Pagan PM of UK got “deal” that INCREASES EU control of UK: Shocking report shows Brexit deal will increase EU control ‘across the whole of the UK’: A shocking report on Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal by the European Research Group (ERG)’s legal experts has recommended that MPs vote against it tomorrow.

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