“Atheism Makes Good Slaves”

An Hour With Evangelical Kent Hovind

It becomes more clear by the day. The people “in charge” are becoming less competent, if that is possible, and they are creating a new future for America. That future does not seem to involve God, property ownership, or natural rights. It is a Brave New World where everyone is medicated, there is no human contact, no one owns land, and a machine will make all of your decisions for you. This is supposed to be the next “evolution” of humanity.

The belief system of these technocrats is key to understanding their moves. They mock Creation and believe they can become immortalized gods through “creating” the very machines that will replace, or control, humanity as a whole. This is not a partisan issue. They have created AI churches, TV anchors, sex robots, autonomous weapons, and even brain chips. This may seem like science fiction, but at it is happening, and we need unity to stand a chance.

There has been a rush for engineers, politicians, and scientists to work together on this agenda that will affect them too. A serf class is forming in America during this crisis. Government overreach is at an all-time high, and the silence of most religious leaders is sickening. Their silence should never be forgotten. Their cooperation with the state is embarrassing. The elites of Silicon Valley and academia have been selling a non-human, Godless. artificial world to a docile population for decades, as if it is just inevitable for “progress”. They do it publicly now at conferences, and they receive compliant applause instead of mockery. They are not hiding their intentions because they no longer have to. They scream at us to “follow the science”, but do they even know what “science” they are following? Right now, there are only 15 congressional members with any science background. The rest listen to donors and special interest groups, and who knows their true agenda.

This is what makes an Evangelist like Kent Hovind fascinating. Kent started his ministry in 1989, challenging the newly accepted scientific narrative of evolution. For decades, he argued, and debated, that we are more than just “evolved meat suits”, and he could put forth opposing, simplistic arguments to combat the accepted Darwinian narrative. Kent argues that not only is evolution wrong, but it is dangerous. It “makes better slaves” to remove God from the equation. You can look at history and judge for yourself.

KENT HOVIND- The Dangers of Evolution (2006)

Homeschooling or not, you can get all of Kent’s arguments in his Creation Seminar Series at DrDino.com, or you can watch many of them online for free. You do not have to believe him. That is not a requirement, but just know, there is another explanation, and it is not easily dismissed. That is why it inspires many people to take a deeper look into what they truly believe, and it infuriates those who wish to silence dissent. Kent makes interesting, simplistic arguments that can unravel an “accepted” science narrative, making a viewer have to critically think. The overarching narrative is simple. Maybe our “experts” do not know, or understand, as much as we think we do. Maybe, all of the “authoritative sources” in science that we put our trust in are wrong, both in their assumptions and methods. Maybe evil intentions and politics should be factored in to any narrative, and we need to keep a closer eye on our “trusted sources” by fact-checking their claims.

Why does any of this matter?

Kent Hovind was arrested and imprisoned for 10 years, at the height of his career in 2006. It was in the middle of a contentious debate with a growing atheist movement when important decisions were being made on what to teach children. Some find Kent’s arrest to be all too convenient. Others were happy to see him removed from the debate. The real underlying question is, if people want to hear what someone has to say, does anyone have the right to shut them down? In 2020, that answer is clear. It happens almost every day now, but the silencing has been going on longer than you think.

Kent’s crime was structuring. To oversimplify the term, he was caged like an animal for pulling money out of his own bank account and not being apologetic enough in court. People can, and will, argue the legalities of his case, or his character flaws in the comments, but as Christians, we all recognize our own imperfections, and we know the difference between human flaws and the wicked crimes that overtly look to undermine civil liberties, natural rights, and humanity. During a time when non-guided evolution was being forced into every classroom in America, Kent Hovind had to sit alone in confinement.

He is now out of prison and leads an army of over 160,000 subscribers who either love him, find him interesting, or look for ways to beat his arguments. Either way, it makes people think critically about why they are alive, whether it changes their minds or not. This is a question we should all face in our lives. It seems fundamental to being human.

Is It Too Late?

We have already implemented disputed scientific theories, like Darwinian evolution, in our public schools. We have already given the state the power over the minds of our children through “common core”. In Kent’s lecture series, he warns of the Orwellian hell that will come when you remove Divinity from science and believe your civil rights come only from an “authority figure”. This has been Kent’s primary message for decades, and we have watched that argument become a reality on a large scale in China where they have slaughtered millions, replaced Jesus with the communist dictator, and used spy-bots in the place of Priests and journalists. Yet, our media, politicians, and Faith leaders remained silent for years.

It could not be more obvious that a similar totalitarian model is being implemented daily in America. Although this is not a new idea, the pace is quickening. Kent Hovind has been warning the world of a scientific technocracy for decades. You can decide for yourself how accurate Hovind’s past predictions are. No one is asking you to believe anything; but in a world that seems to get crazier by the news cycle, we will continue to find common ground and allies for humanity in this battle for life, liberty, and true freedom.

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