Plandemic: The Documentary YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See

The Big Tech bosses at YouTube and Google are doing everything in their power to shut down a documentary featuring expert virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits exposing the coronavirus “plandemic.”

Among other revelations, Dr. Mikovits exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci and the fact that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory. She also blows the whistle on the elites’ vaccine schemes.

For her heroic whistleblowing, Dr. Mikovits was persecuted by the government and thrown in jail.

Don’t let Big Tech silence her voice! The video has been seen by millions, but Youtube’s censors are taking it down faster than people can put it back up.

Here it is in on Youtube (once it’s taken down scroll down to watch on another video platform):

9 thoughts on “Plandemic: The Documentary YouTube Doesn’t Want You To See”

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    Raymond Clements

    We ned to get this message out far and world wide. Thanks so much for doing this. My wife and I have been watching The Truth About Vaccines by Ty and Charlyene Bollinger and it just open your world to a truth that most people will find hard to believe. It has made me angry and sad and motivated to reach as many people as possible with the message that Big Pharma and organisations like CDC cannot be trusted and it is all about the money and keeping their own jobs. Instead of saving babies and children lives. Public Health comes last. I live in the UK and here they still believe vaccines are the panecea for disease and trust doctors implicitly.

    1. PolitiFact is full of lies. Even if it were true that Plandemic was full of lies–and I’m not convinced of that–I don’t need or want the tyrants in Silicon Valley to do my thinking for me. As a responsible adult, I am quite capable of sorting through information myself, thank you.

  2. Alex,

    You are so thorough in investing things I thought I would ask you to answer the multiple people that have come out to denounce her. Thanks and love your thinking and honesty. Btw I have been telling people for years that the Pensions will be a MESS!

    Greg Lawrence

  3. Thanks for sharing this important documentary. I wish I could still see the two doctors that have been removed everywhere.

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