BANNED EXCLUSIVE! E Michael Jones Uncensored

E Michael Jones Banned
Liberty Sentinel Grabs an Exclusive Uncensored Interview with Dr. E Michael Jones

Logos is rising, but the Marxists are looking to hijack our faith-based, Constitutional revolution and turn America into a communist nightmare. We no longer have the luxury of supporting the free speech we find palatable, while shunning speech we find shocking or offensive. Free speech is God-given and absolute.

Christian activists like Dr. E Michael Jones have been on the frontlines taking flack for years, while other “free speech activists” misrepresent, or turn their back completely, on his cause. For his entire journalistic career, Dr. Jones has been taking the rhetorical fight to the oligarchs, communists, and those who wish to subvert our civil society.

While others have been afraid to cross lines in media, E Michael Jones has been saying whatever it takes for the enemies of liberty and Faith to expose themselves. Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” That is why we provide support and a platform for his ideas.

At Liberty Sentinel, we sat down with Dr. E Michael Jones for an hour this week to explore his new historical book “Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality”, the corporate communist riots, Deep State actors, and the separation of America from its Christian history. We exposed some of the players behind this globalist coup, and we discussed how everyone has a part to play in a return to logic, values, and Christianity in America.

Dr. Jones has becoming a polarizing figure in the media. He has been banned from Amazon and YouTube under their “hate speech” guidelines; however, we believe freedom of speech is absolute. Open dialogue, cooperation, and exploring difficult ideas will be the only way we can form a true ideology and opposition to the violent Deep State overthrow of our freedoms.

While we continue to develop the media side of Liberty Sentinel, we implore you to make up your own mind when watching our interviews. We plan on hosting numerous guests with conflicting ideas, proposals, and ideologies, but, we hope that we can all work together for the goal of a better America despite any differences we may have. Take what you find important, and leave the rest.

Hopefully, it will light fires of freedom world-wide, and you will keep an open mind to get the real story. We want to provide content that makes you think, not force feed mainstream narratives. Then, hopefully, we can form a true liberty and Faith-based community. We have no platform without your continued support, sharing, and commenting.

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