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A New Interactive Show- Alex Newman & Sean Jackson

What is Unraveling the Narrative (UTN)?

During this corporate fueled revolution, cable news has turned into political propaganda, or worse, psychological warfare. It no longer aims to inform its viewers of news, current events, or even ask follow-up questions. By accident, or by proxy, the media is fomenting a civil war to distract from the global awakening that has been taking place for years. They cannot be allowed to take that narrative from us or put this genie back in the bottle.

Alex Newman and I saw the need to create a show that is informative, entertaining, and arms our readers with the truth. Whether it is exposing the players behind the globalist revolution, keeping your family safe, or holding the mainstream media to account, we are here for YOU.

We realize that this is an uphill battle, so we need your help to spread the links, join the email list at [email protected], and bookmark this site for any updates. This will be an independent, community project. We will continue to use our God-given free-speech to bring you some of the most influential and important guests during this turbulent time. We look to build relationships with other independent media because while we work independently, the Marxists are in lockstep with their messaging.

TONIGHT 9PM ESTExposing the Deep State

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What exactly is a Nazi?– Average Americans have been losing friends, family, and jobs for simple being patriotic. The accusation of Nazi has a long history as a Marxist tactic to foment revolutions. We will explore who the real Nazis are, the eugenics movement, and the creeping totalitarianism that seeks to enslave us all to a new global order.

The Longest 2 Weeks– While we were all asked to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve”, most people have already forgotten that this “lockdown” was only supposed to be temporary. It is month 7. We want to explore just how much freedom has been taken during this “pandemic” and why the oligarchs never let a good crisis go to waste.

George Soros and Bill Gates– These have become the leaders of the new medical/banking technocracy that is forming in America. While the media runs cover for their “philanthropy”, the agenda to control Americans via RFID chips, vaccine, and digital currency moves forward. This must be resisted at all costs, and we want to put a spotlight on who is really in control.

Speaking of Banking Technocracy– The Federal Reserve has decided to go “cashless” because of the ignorance of the masses. They would like us to believe there is a coin shortage, while at the same time, injecting trillions of dollars into our economy that will most certainly hurt the average Americans savings. Coins have not been made out of precious metals in decades. Whether it is logistics, manufacturing, or raw materials, this would be the most “essential” job if this was a logical society. However, it seems that this is another ploy to implement the cashless society that oligarchs have been planning for years.

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GOD BLESS AMERICA. Stay vigilant of tyrants, and DO NOT despair. We are on YOUR SIDE. We succeed or fall together.

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