Bible’s Creation Story for Young Readers

A Biblical understanding of creation and the early history of mankind forms the foundation for all of our liberties in America. Our Founders held such a worldview. Since we are created by God, they reasoned, no other man should have authority over us without our consent. Since evil is endemic in human nature, they wrote checks and balances of power into law.

Celebrate Creationism, and you preserve personal liberty. Deny Creationism, and you pass off the source of all your rights to a human government, who can easily abolish them.

Sometimes the complex comes alive when presented in a simpler form thus, the following recounting of the creation story–a paraphrase true to the Biblical record as given by Moses, around 1400 BC, in Genesis chapter 1.

The Beginning of All Things

The Earth was the first of all God’s creations.

It was made in the middle of darkness when there was nothing else, and covered in water. God’s Spirit hovered over the water getting everything ready.

Then God stood a hundred million miles away and spoke in a loud voice “Let there be Light!”

All at once Light shined upon Earth from His Being, for God is Light. The Earth began to spin! For the first time ever the edge of dawn raced across the surface of the deep at a thousand miles an hour. One whole day went by while the angels sang!

By the second day the warmth from the Light brought the atmosphere up out of the water into the space above—oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor all swirling and mixing together to make the air we breathe.

On the third day the Light shone down through the atmosphere upon newly formed dry land rising up from the water around it. Winds began to blow, swirling all over the Earth. Living plants and huge trees flourished upon the sun-drenched soil. Plankton filled the seas.

For three days Light came from God’s presence!

Then on the fourth day God stepped aside and gave His Light to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. He decreed the Sun should rule by day and the Moon by night. He drew out the Stars and Planets to keep order in the sky above.

By the fifth day the atmosphere had enough density for the birds to fly, so they were made next. The seas were full of living food by now so God made all the fish on the fifth day too.

Everything so far was in preparation for what was about to happen next.

On the sixth day God made Man and Woman. He took clay from the ground with His own hands and formed Adam and breathed into him the Spirit of Life. Then He made Eve from a part of Adam. To finish up, He made the cows and dogs and cats and sheep and goats too. That was enough for that day!

This explains why we like to create things, because He created us and we are like Him.

God made a beautiful green Garden called Eden in a place where four rivers all had their start. That’s where Adam and Eve lived. They enjoyed taking care of all the plants and animals, and gave everything a name. God loved them very much and used to talk with them in the evening when it was cool after a hard day’s work. That was the best part of a perfect day for Adam and Eve.

The Creation of all things was finished!

When He was done God looked over it all and proclaimed, “Everything couldn’t be better!” Then He rested from all His creative work for one whole day, the seventh day. Adam and Eve rested too and spent the day with God, being amazed at the wonder of it all.

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