Inevitable Descent Into Despotic Leftist Insanity?

In his January 29 broadcast, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson showcased the paranoid behavior of leftist Democrats from the Congress, to the White House, to such malignant notables as former CIA chief John Brennan. Only a day prior, radio talk giant Rush Limbaugh pondered the irony of raging anger among leftists, who he asserted should be “happy,” now that they hold the reins of power. And of course this psychosis reaches into the echo chambers of Fake News and big tech.

Why are leftists so obviously seething with venom towards the nation that, we are told, just rallied to their cause, not only to put them into the White House in November, but also to give them an unstoppable Senate majority in January? Shouldn’t this be their moment to bask in “glory” amid the gathering momentum of a nation that has embraced socialism and the new morality of the counterculture, as both stand ready to remake the nation entirely in their own image? This is, after all, the essence of Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform the nation” being played out as they have always dreamed. One would think they would be bursting with confidence and jubilation. Clearly, they are not.

In truth, one has only to consider the stark contrast between the twisted leftist Democrat vision for America and the surreal manner in which it has ensued, to know that they have good reason for such consuming paranoia. The current situation is the ugliest possible caricature of the time-honored American standard of proper government being established with the “consent of the governed.”

The 80 million (and likely more) Americans who voted for President Trump in November, only to see the election stolen from them, know what happened despite incessant Democrat, Fake News, and “social media” efforts to supplant reality with the lie that the Biden cabal actually won. The ruse isn’t working. And opponents of this shaky facade of “legitimacy” pose a grave threat to it. Consequently, all who dare deny the Biden “victory” quickly graduate into being “enemies of the state.”

The left has no option but to continue with its pretence of unquestioned authenticity, just as it would have done if all of the fraud and chicanery had remained behind closed doors. So the outrages of the hard-left agenda from the Biden cabal must continue unabated, or perhaps even more aggressively, as if daring anyone to challenge either their worthiness or legitimacy. Nevertheless, leftist Democrats are living every moment in abject terror that the people actually may rise up to do so.

Signs of that looming prospect are widespread, and duly noted by the left. The massive outpouring of support for President Trump, particularly after the election theft appeared to be holding, was taken as a direct challenge to the validity of leftist claims of having solidified their hold on power. The willingness of so many of those military people deployed in Washington to blatantly turn their backs on the Biden motorcade as it passed, is seen as a major security breach, not on the nation, but on the presumption of authority by the Biden cabal.

The bluster of leftists from official channels is meant to belie the fact that they are increasingly paranoid, as they face a nation that flatly refuses to regard them as legitimate. In response, they are increasingly iron-fisted in their efforts to thoroughly consolidate that power before their house of cards collapses. Their worst nightmare is that too much of the American spirit remains, in which case their power-grab would ultimately fail.

In an ugly exercise of genuine fascism, a major portion of corporate America is allying with the leftist regime, to help pummel the people on Main Street back to their proper place of submission and compliance. The dirty dealers of digital big tech have been flagrantly trampling on rights and abominating the notion of equality for all, by shutting out and shutting down every voice they perceive as being defiant to the new order, based on the flimsiest of pretexts. Meanwhile, they continue allowing leftist members to spew every venomous threat against those on the right with impunity.

Twitter and Facebook have engaged in this flagrant discrimination against conservative voices, under the pretense of “opposing incitement to violence.” Amazon followed their lead, exhibiting its own contempt for free speech, by shutting down its service of, where Americans who became disillusioned with the abuses from Twitter and Facebook had begun to gather and reorganize their Patriot networks. Yet Twitter and Facebook were fine with last summer’s riots, looting, arson, and even murder from BLM and antifa being coordinated and advanced on their platforms. And for weeks during last year’s mayhem, “Amazon Prime” posted a banner above its streamed video home page proclaiming “We Support Black Lives Matter.”

So the “blackouts” of free speech continue, while the Fake News crowd enthusiastically applauds. In their twisted worldview, the First Amendment has always been a one-way street in their favor. “Stability” can best be maintained that way. The goal is not to give Americans any real information. Knowledge is power. And for the sake of its own survival, the entrenched authority of the left demands that America be rendered powerless.

Despite hypocritical leftist Democrat squalling and sanctimony, they clearly have no problems with the trampling of the law and the Constitution, as long as they are the ones doing it. But the American people had better not presume to still have the right to petition their government for a redress of grievances. Any suggestion of such constitutes a “treasonous” threat to the new order and will not be tolerated. This current despotic scheme is proceeding inexorably down the precise path of every other throughout history.

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