Biblical Implications of California School Children Chanting To Aztec ‘Gods’ of Human Sacrifice: Newman Video

The State Board of Education in California just approved a new “ethnic studies model curriculum” that will require elementary-school children to chant to the Aztec gods of human sacrifice, cannibalism, and war.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, the children will be expected to ask these demonic entities for help waging what the text describes as a “counter-genocide” against “white Christians.” The children are also supposed to ask for help becoming “warriors” for “social justice.”

In this monologue while guest-hosting the great Alan Keyes’ show Let’s Talk America, Newman breaks down what this means from a biblical perspective. Basically, without massive repentance, America is in more trouble than she can imagine.

3 thoughts on “Biblical Implications of California School Children Chanting To Aztec ‘Gods’ of Human Sacrifice: Newman Video”

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    Celine Martinez

    I traveled throughout South America saw that UNESCO, an arm of the UN had an exhibit called the Middle of the World. There they had an exhibit blaming Christianity for destroying the culture of the Indigenous groups. It is a real thing. In Peru the College docent giving tour of the ruins actually professed his belief in these Gods. Our disadvantage is to not take these things seriously.

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    A lot has happened between March 2020 to date! End time raging closer than thought.

    With daily happenings in today’s word, teens and young people are the devil’s target.

    The gospel should be preach radically especially to the next generation, so they may make a difference for Christ in this sick and dying world, thereby preserve God’s heritage .

    You can join me in this pursuit @ Help A Teen Initiative.
    Email: [email protected]

    Thank you.

    Psalms 78:5-7

    Allwell Aliche

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