Biden: Public Schools Will Inject Children 5-11 With COVID Shot

Speaking during a November 3 press conference, Joe Biden announced plans to inject American children ages 5 through 11 with experimental COVID shots at thousands of public schools across the nation.

“We also are working with governors, mayors, and local school leaders to bring vaccines to schools,” Biden declared. “As of today, more than 6,000 school clinics have already been planned in school districts around the country.”

The federal government has already purchased enough of the shots to inject every single American child who falls into the age group, he continued.

The rollout begins next week. Experts and activists are already warning parents that their children may even be injected without parental consent, perhaps claiming “mistaken identity” or some other excuse.

“My administration is ready, we are ready from day one today, organized and have a plan for this vaccination’s launch,” Biden said. “As soon as next week, we’ll have enough vaccine and enough places, and parents will be able to schedule appointments to get their kids their first shot.”

“We have already secured a vaccine supply for every single child in America, ages five (5) through eleven (11),” he continued, reading from his teleprompter. ”We started packing and shipping the vaccinations to states last week.”

According to Biden’s announcement, the controversial injections will be available at some 20,000 locations including pharmacies, pediatrician officers, and public schools.

According to CDC data, COVID poses virtually no danger to children. However, VAERS data, including many thousands of reports death following administration of the shots, suggests there are enormous risks from the injection. No long-term safety data exists.

Watch Biden’s announcement here, starting at about 34 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Biden: Public Schools Will Inject Children 5-11 With COVID Shot”

  1. Just a modern day form of ancient pagan’s sacrificing children to their god ‘Baal’. …… Don’t be fooled, Satan still controls them.

  2. Every parent needs to consider a forced vaccine (or whatever poison they are actually injecting into your child) to be a violent attack on your child and respond in kind. If they do it, all bets are off. START SHOOTING THEM.

  3. This is the hill we will all die on. NO one and I say NO one is going to inject my child or grandchild. This is where they will all die. This is as far as we allow them to go. All bets are off.

  4. Oh and by the way, the genetic injection that they have intended for America’s children? It is a different formula than the injections they have been giving out. A completely new genetic experiment with different ingredients and has not gone through ANY drug trials. This info comes from none other than Pfizer and the fda…

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