Let Leftists Parade Obama As Their Mascot

   Leftists will certainly attempt to concoct their excuses for this past week’s electoral thrashing, or claim that they are vindicated by the New Jersey Governor’s race, in which incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy has barely retained his seat. For starters, it is New Jersey, which makes it among the deepest of the deep blue zones. GOP challenger Jack Ciattarelli had an uphill battle against not only Murphy’s incumbency, but the entire leftist Fake News cabal as well.

            Still Murphy’s margin in the race was razor thin, with Ciatarelli actually staying ahead until all the extra “votes” began to show up. This is New Jersey after all.

            Yet elsewhere across America, the 2021 elections were the proverbial “bloodbath” for the leftist Democrats. And that is due to one factor above all others. For the first time in too many years, Americans are actually paying attention to what is going on around them. Between the Covid tyranny of the past 22 months, the disastrous inflation and job situations, and the hemorrhaging Southern Border, it is clear that America is under a potentially fatal attack from the left. All but the pathologically dogmatic and ideologically blind among us are feeling it, and are intent on turning back this evil tide.

            So of course leftist Democrat politicians and their Fake News lackeys are making every possible deflection, in hopes of dissipating the massive tidal wave coming against them. But they are also attempting to set one of their most time tested snares for the Republican “Establishment,” which is to recast the actualities of the elections on such terms that the GOP might revert to its standard response of timidity and fence sitting. On that basis, many major conservative groundswells of recent years have been successfully rebuffed by the left.

            This time however, it may not be happening. President Trump set certain things in motion, beginning with his 2017 Inaugural speech, which have the potential to not only deal a fatal blow to the political aspirations of American left, but more importantly, also to the RINO traitors who have all too often cast the decisive vote in favor of the Democrat agenda. This feat would already have been accomplished in finality, and America might already have relegated both to the “Ash Heap of History,” were it not for the 2020 theft/coup of the Presidential Election.

            Leftist Democrats are shell-shocked in the wake of last Tuesday’s rout. Predictably, they’re attempting to resurrect their old schemes, though they’re speaking into an abyss with most of it. Most Americans see right through it. One comical excuse is their claim that Americans were angry that the government isn’t spending enough of their money on every pork barrel project proposed by the Biden Cabal and the Democrat Congress. The nation is being bankrupted with all the deficit spending, and unlike previous years, the binge is occurring on a large enough scale to immediately affect the money supply, driving inflation through the roof. Surely Americans want more of that!

            Or perhaps Tuesday’s election resulted from the onslaught of bigotry, as other Democrats have claimed. The biggest problem with that hateful platitude is that the new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is black, and not the least bit shy about reminding people of it. As the state’s first black Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears describes her life not as the tragedy of “victimhood” that leftists claim for minorities, but as a great triumph of opportunity for an American who loves America. The notion of racism as the catalyst for Tuesday’s electoral upheaval was weak, but of course leftists would try it anyway.

            Unlike New Jersey, prospects for leftie Terry McAuliffe in Virginia were looking so bleak in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election that Democrats had to unveil their secret weapon: Barack Obama. In an October 23 rally for McAulliffe, Obama played his usual role of the leftist Alinskyite, mocking the “phony culture war” that he claimed was without merit, and an effort to evade “serious problems.”

            In a manner reminiscent of Obama’s infamous 2008 “Bitter Clingers” commentary, he began by inventing false premises as the motivation of the Conservative opposition, and then proceeded to deride and dismiss them. Except much has transpired since that time. Both the noxious character of Obama and the Democrats, along with the malignant consequences of their leftist agenda, are now well established and in the spotlight for the Nation to see.

            The not so “phony culture war” which he attempted to denigrate is raging across the Nation, with public schools finally receiving the scrutiny for their malignant, anti-American, anti-Christian agenda, couched in such sanctimonious bigotry as “Critical Race Theory.” Student minds are being poisoned against their country and even their own families. Those students who don’t drink the Kool-Aid increasingly face hostility from school staff. Some have suffered physical attacks such as the rapes that occurred in Loudoun County school restrooms, which were subsequently covered up by administrators and board members. Dear old “school days,” which were once the arena of football games, pom poms and proms, are now a Gulag of gangland attacks, lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

            As a result, parents across the Nation spoke loudly against the nightmare last Tuesday. Leftist dominated school boards were purged of their noxious members, in direct defiance of the appalling attempt by Attorney General Merrick Garland to unleash the corrupted and weaponized DOJ against parents who attend board meetings. The leftist assault on our Constitutionally protected freedoms and rights is in high gear. But parents are not backing off. A government that seeks to force its perverse ideology on innocent kids in the classroom has awakened the sleeping giant on Main Street.

            So let those arrogant leftists keep spewing and threatening. And let them bring their “big guns” to bear. Obama and Garland are great faces to put onto this looming menace to America. The masks are off.

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