Biden Targets Africans With LGBT Imperialism

U.S. President Joe Biden issued a presidential memorandum on February 4, 2021, aimed at punishing nations, companies and individuals worldwide who oppose the homosexual agenda. The punishment will include several diplomatic and financial sanctions.

Biden announced his homosexualist campaign during a speech at the State Department, vowing to use the gay agenda to “rebuild U.S. credibility worldwide.”

While George Washington and other U.S. presidents used Christian Protestant values to give the U.S. credibility worldwide, Biden replaced Washington’s Christian values for homosexual values.

From the ashes of a Sodom destroyed by God himself because of rampant predatory homosexuality, Biden wants to make America great as an international model of New Sodom.

Biden sees the forceful promotion of the LGBT agenda as essential to the international leadership of the United States. “To further repair our moral leadership, I’m also issuing a presidential memo to agencies to reinvigorate our leadership on the LGBTQI issues and do it internationally,” he said.

The memo, according to Reuters, “instructs agencies to consider appropriate responses, including the full range of diplomatic tools, and potentially financial sanctions and visa restrictions, when foreign governments restricted the rights of LGBTQ people.”

In a February 11, 2021 report titled “Biden’s pro-LGBTQI Threat: The Joke is on Them,” Richard Murphy said,

The implication is that the US will target officials in Nigeria and other countries that are not LGBTQI-friendly with a “range of diplomatic tools, and potentially financial sanctions and visa restrictions,” as reported by the news agency. Usually, financial sanctions will include assets freeze and nationalization of companies connected to the targeted officials. Travel restriction will extend beyond the shores of the United States, which will leverage its relations with collaborating nations to squeeze targeted officials and their relations.

Murphy said Biden’s pressure can lead Nigerians officials to look

“for ways to dampen the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 so that they can continue to visit the United States unfettered while having unrestricted access to their assets and businesses in that country. Such capitulation will come at a higher cost to the country for what Biden is offering threatens to contaminate the land and make all Nigerians abominable before God.”

Despite of pressure from former U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama, ex-President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same-Sex-Marriage (Prohibition) Act in January 2014. But Biden is showing that he will not let go unpunished Nigeria or other nations trying to make any resistance to the U.S. homosexual imperialism.

The anti-sodomy laws in Nigeria, a leading anti-sodomy country in Africa, prescribe between 10 and 14 years in prison for anyone caught flouting the law either by cohabitation between same-sex sexual partners, propaganda of same-sex relationship, registration, operation or participation in gay clubs, societies and organization, amongst others.

Murphy said that Biden’s punishment would include to trawl the social media accounts of Nigerians for anti-LGBTQI content. He said,

“Their situation is compounded by the possibility that their mobile devices could be searched for such contents upon entry into the US and that is assuming that they have not been denied visas based on their social media activities.”

Murphy said, “to protect LGBTQI rights and advance their agenda, [Biden] is willing to go the extreme against countries irrespective of the fact that they are in their rights to manage their affairs in the manner they see fit.”

Murphy proposed a list of possible sanctions that can be imposed on the United States for being pro-LGBTQI, including a derecognition of all gay “marriages” contracted in the U.S. and all other such sanctions.

The problem is that because the U.S. is the only superpower in the world, U.S. socialist presidents think that they are especially entitled to order and disorder nations, companies and individuals around the world.

The U.S. sanctions nations that represent no threat to its national interests. And if these innocent nations try to react to the U.S. unfair sanctions, the U.S. can see such reaction as an “act of war.”

By instructing U.S. agencies to consider appropriate responses, including the full range of diplomatic tools, and potentially financial sanctions and visa restrictions against nations, companies and individuals, Biden’s memo is an international threat to conservatism, especially Christianity.

This memo is not a threat only against Nigeria. Any government, company and individual can be targeted by Biden. During the Trump administration, the U.S. State Department frequently sanctioned nations, companies and individuals. It means assets freeze of nations and companies for terrorism. Now, as far as Biden is concerned, conservative Christianity is terrorism.

Biden’s financial sanctions may bring a new wave of persecution by making Christians victims and targets to lose their bank accounts as banks will be under fear and pressure to punish clients who preach against sodomy or the gay agenda.

A homosexualist financial blacklist targeting Christians and conservatives is not a new thing. In 2011, after an international campaign by a U.S. homosexual group, PayPal accepted their complaint that “I preach homophobia” and terminated my account, which just received donations for the survival of my family. This case was headline in WorldNetDaily.

There is also the blacklist from U.S. big tech companies. In 2018, Facebook punished my account because I had posted this Bible verse: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22) This case was also headline in WorldNetDaily. In 2020, just before the U.S. presidential election, my official Facebook profile, with thousands and thousands of followers, was permanently banned by Facebook.

Biden is creating a worldwide climate of hate, in word and action, against Christians and other conservative people who oppose the immorality and threat of predatory homosexuality.

By making America great in the international leadership of sodomy promotion and propaganda, Biden seeks to increase funds for gay groups and campaigns and easy entry of homosexualists in the U.S., and inversely his pro-sodomy policy seeks to punish Christians and other conservatives by cutting their funds, freezing their assets and potentially barring the entry of many Christians in the U.S.

So Biden’s imperialist homosexual paradise promises abundant financial “blessings,” at the expense of the U.S. taxpayers, to the worldwide homosexualist movement, and at the same time promises abundant financial curses, punishments and trials on worldwide Christians and conservatives who oppose predatory homosexuality and its profane marriage.

The idea of Richard Murphy of Nigeria sanctioning the U.S. for its pro-sodomy leadership is not bad. But without massive support from other conservative nations, Nigeria will be ruined by the infamous U.S. sanctions. Who can resist the pro-sodomy superpower?

The only man who could have fought such insanity in the U.S. government and its State Department was former President Donald Trump. But instead of fighting predatory homosexuality and its profane marriage, Trump chose the easy way of supporting gay “marriage” and launching an international campaign to make sodomy legal.

In a sense, Biden is being just more politically violent, diplomatically savage and ideologically wicked in the same pro-sodomy objectives that Trump and Obama, in a greater or lesser scale, promoted.

Despite of Trump’s international homosexual campaign, the U.S. big tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, terminated his accounts, because they demand total, not partial, commitment to the left-wing agenda. Even though having pro-sodomy speech, Trump had a pro-life speech.

For many conservative leaders, Trump’s pro-sodomy stances were forgivable while he was loyal to the pro-life cause. But for left-wingers, including Facebook and Twitter, his pro-life speech was unforgivable.

So even U.S. conservative political leaders in America are unable or unwilling to fight predatory homosexuality and its profane marriage.

If George Washington, the first U.S. president who expelled homosexuals from his army, could see today America making sodomy great around the world, he would de-found the U.S. Republic and cry in God’s presence.

Biden’s administration is everything the original U.S. government was not and did not accept. For Washington, homosexuality, or sodomy, was unacceptable. For Biden, international sodomy advocacy and imposition is a sign of U.S. leadership — a wicked leadership that Washington would have destroyed with his bare hands.

Let us pray for Nigeria. God can raise Nigerians to lead the world to confront the “evil empire” of predatory homosexuality promoted by Biden.

Let us pray that God may raise conservative Christians in other nations to confront the evil empire.

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