FLASHBACK: Mitt Romney on a Plane Before the “Insurrection” at the Capitol with Alex Newman

Before January 6th, we lived in an environment where people were very upset with the establishment on all sides. This episode was recorded before the events that are playing on still to this day. During the impeachment of a President that does not even hold office anymore, information is being flushed down the memory hole, but we stand by non-violently reporting on the failures of our system so they can be fixed for everyone. We have been fighting like hell to keep our weekly podcast up and your voices heard. We chose a distribution deal on several networks for free to make sure you could still get access weekly for free.

A lot of the topics we discuss have been banned by big tech, the clips are missing, and Facebook even removed Alex Newman and kept us from livestreaming news. Continue to support us just by sharing out the information and episodes as we continue to document the slide of America into a Police State. We chose to bring you the truth as we see it and not take major donors. Help fund keeping information and debate alive at www.patreon.com/UTN as we continue becoming the fastest growing Liberty Show in 2021 independently.  

A LOT has happened since Alex Newman and Sean Jackson recorded this episode on January 5th, 2021. There was chaos at the Capitol. People, including police and veterans, were killed, and the federal government and media have been spinning the events as the “new 9/11” for America. Democrats are crying victim, but more people were mad at Mitch McConnel and Mike Pence on January 6th whether the narrative was true or not. 

While we do not advocate any type of political violence now, or ever, we must maintain a presence to be able to speak honestly. Most of the clips and commentary in this episode have been scrubbed by social media companies under the guise that it “could create more violence”. Fortunately, some of it was saved because of independent news outlets like this. 

As recent guests on the show have asked, does this federal intimidation actually cause anyone to change their minds? Many people still feel like there are problems with our elections. People are still terrified of mandatory vaccinations. There is talk of “reprogramming” people who have thought about these issues and labeling all Republicans domestic terrorists., and this is bound to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Many people voted for Joe Biden because they were promised “unity”. They did not understand that this entailed marginalizing people who already felt afraid, left behind, and hurt by “the system”. Continue to follow us for live updates on the issues that affect your life. 


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