Biden’s Ties to Radical Muslims Plus How to Raise Boys to Be Men

The Supreme Court ruled 6–3 that presidents enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution for official, but not unofficial, acts. This ruling, reported by Alex Newman in this episode of The Sentinel Report, seems to be a significant victory for Donald Trump that will slow down the lawfare waged against him prior to the November 5th election.

Additionally on the show, the authors of Trump Derangement Syndrome: A Psychological Analysis of Leftist Ideology, Rachel Morin and Thomas Pappas, joined Newman to share why the Left has such a strong reaction to any and all things Trump.

Next up, the author of Raising Boys to Men: A Simple, Mercifully Short Book on Raising and Homeschooling Boys, Durenda Wilson, stepped into the program to share how parents can raise young boys to be impactful leaders and strong men.

Finally, John Guandolo, a former FBI and national security consultant and expert, tells the audience about Joe Biden’s ties to radical Muslims and what the president’s poor mental state means for the national security of the nation.

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