Biden’s “Woke” Military: Read the INSANE Garbage Being Pushed on US Troops

From idiotic flight suits for pregnant women and new hair rules to persecuting conservatives and Christians under the guise of stopping “extremism,” the lawless and illegitimate Biden administration is waging total war on America’s military. Members of the Armed Forces shared some of the “woke” emails being sent out by leadership, and you will not believe it.

Teaching “Intersectionality:”

This e-mail was sent to the part of the U.S. Air Force:

“Team [Name Removed],

Fireside Chat with [Name Removed – Female Military Leader] – The Art of Intersectionality as a Means for Success in Women’s Lives, Monday, March 29 from 11:30-12:30. This event is a spotlight on an inspiring female leader during Women’s History Month. Pringle is a dynamic, charismatic individual whose unyielding optimism and successful military career as a woman, mother, and scientist challenge common female stereotypes. The goal is to ultimately inspire the base population, particularly women, through [name removed]’s personal story, which serves as an impactful illustration of what it means to embrace intersectionality: the synergizing—albeit competing—responsibilities of being a leader, scientist, woman, and mother in the 21st century.”

Teaching anti-constitutional non-sense:

This e-mail was sent out by a senior official warning servicemen about “extremism,” which is basically anything the Biden administration does not like.

“Team [name redacted],

As we kick off this mandatory stand-down day to address extremism I wanted to share my thoughts and ensure we are all on the same page. Surveying the stand down playbook a number of quotes stuck out to me, and others of relevance came to mind, which I will share below.

When I took my first oath in 1988 I was overcame by a feeling of patriotism. Repeating the following words:

“I, [name redacted], having been appointed Lt in the United States Air Force, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;  (quoted directly from the oath of office, similar words can be found for enlisted and civilian oaths)

There was a sense of responsibility, courage, pride, and commitment to defend the Constitution. Couple that with the Air Force Core Values:

  1. Integrity First
  2. Service Before Self
  3. Excellence in All We Do

This was a formula for me to live by. To this day the oath and the AF core values are near and dear to my heart. Looking at the bigger picture, hundreds of thousands of people have and will continue to take the same oath within the Air Force and even much larger numbers when you take into account the entire Department of Defense and other government agencies. Regardless of political affiliation, we work together to defend and support the Constitution of the United States and support one another.  “Together, we bear a shared responsibility to forge an environment free of the divisive effects of extremism which, gone unchecked, risks eroding the trust our nation places in our Services and the strong unit cohesion that has served as the foundation of effective military units throughout history.”  Extremism, as defined in the playbook, is characterized by “a common belief which might otherwise be politically or socially acceptable, but which espouses the use or threat of force or violence to obtain their goals.” We must rely heavily on teamwork to ensure that we address how detrimental extremism can be to our work environment and foster an environment of psychological safety and inclusiveness, where everyone has the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential. The feeling of belongingness is critical to making sure everyone is valued and has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential allowing us to work as a forceful unit.  Diversity expert Dr. Steve Robbins said “Inclusion is the condition where you minimize outsiders and maximize insiders”. Let us be sure that as we continue to fight to defend our constitution, we are maximizing our insiders and becoming a powerful unit on the same accord. 

It is important to note that in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there is a guarantee for freedom of speech.  People can have honestly held differences of opinion, religion, philosophy, and those opinions can be expressed and debated.  However, there is no guarantee for freedom of association.  If you raise your hand and take the oath, then you agree to abide by the cultural norms of our Air Force/Space Force.  If you cannot support and defend the Constitution, and live by our core values in word and deeds, then this is not the right association for you.

General Ronald R. Fogleman stated “We’re entrusted with the security of our nation. The tools of our trade are lethal, and we engage in operations that involve risk to human life and untold national treasure. Because of what we do, our standards must be higher than those of society at large.” By taking the oath we were assigned a daunting task, it’s much better to tackle it together!!  I can only hope that you too see the bigger picture and share the sense of responsibility, courage, pride, and commitment to defend our Constitution.

Following your division All Calls, I’m asking that each branch have a session in which they further educate one another and reflect on the following:

  1. The importance of our oath of office;
  2. Review of impermissible behaviors in respect to the constitution, and;
  3. Procedures for reporting suspected, or actual, extremist behavior.

Additionally, while I know these discussions are difficult and cover rather sensitive subjects, I expect you all will maintain the spirit of being a good wingman/woman, be upstanding, and respectful of one another, throughout your engagement. Please consider that we are putting a burden on your branch chiefs to facilitate these discussions.  They have not been given training and I suspect very few have legal training.  If you run into a particularly contentious discussion then I would like you to put the topic into a parking lot for future discussion with an expert. 

Never let an opportunity to listen go by.


[Name redacted]

Rebutting the madness:

Also, one of the servicemen who was outraged by this abuse of America’s military responded with an EPIC rebuttal to the drivel sent out. Obviously, names have been removed, for obvious reasons.

“It is doubtful I will remember or feel like sharing these thoughts in a group session that I just want to be over and end as quick as possible given the ridiculousness of the premise.

I assume our training, like all AF training I have attended in the past, seeks an open dialogue of non-retribution/retaliation.

Extremism, as defined in the playbook, is characterized by “a common belief which might otherwise be politically or socially acceptable, but which espouses the use or threat of force or violence to obtain their goals.”

Isn’t that what we, the military do, use deterrence, a threat of violence or force, to obtain our goals? Does that make DoD an extremist group? We have a common belief that might be politically or socially acceptable to some, maybe most, not all.

In regards to this statement, “Diversity expert Dr. Steve Robbins said “Inclusion is the condition where you minimize outsiders and maximize insiders”, that is not the definition of inclusion, my brother has Spinal Bifida, my son is Autistic and a Hemophiliac, and for 40 years the definition of “Inclusion” has been to include those with disabilities in our society and ensure they have access to the same training and experience as those without special needs.

In regards to this statement, “there is no guarantee for freedom of association”, we need a clear interpretation from a the Supreme Court on this idea, this is very dangerous to institutionalize reporting on each other for perceived inappropriate associations. We are openly ignoring an association, BLM, that seeks the destruction of America, and seem to be looking for organizations that adhere to the principles clearly defined and articulated in the Declaration of Independence. In other words, we are legitimizing terrorist(s) groups (Antifa/BLM), while criminalizing what was clearly articulated in our founding documents as a way forward when a government becomes oppressive and no longer listens to the will of its people who have CONSENTED to be governed. We are told not to assume that someone that practices Islam is a threat, while others that associate with Christianity should be reported and suspect. This violates the equal protection clause.

Marine Corps Officer Warns Congress Against Classifying Christians in Military as ‘Religious Extremists’
A slide used in a Department of Defense (DOD) training manual identifies Catholics and evangelical Christians as “religious extremists,” along with members of the Ku Klux Klan, al-Qaeda, and …

We witnessed none of this outrage or required training during the 120 days of insurrection, looting, violence, arson, cop assassinations, assaults, etc, that resulted in billions of dollars in damage and happened in coordinated fashion in cities all across America.

Also note, there is no mention of Antifa or BLM, whose stated goal, is the destruction of our Constitutional Republic and the traditional family. Their ties to enemies of the United States of America and Organized Crime are clearly documented in Andy Ngo’s book UnMasked, I would be happy to do a presentation on this, if desired.

We now have leaders that routinely threaten our Bill of Rights, that are the bedrock of our consent to be governed, and openly advocate for the destruction of our Republic from the very halls of Congress saying we are a racist nation.

Attacks on our Bill of Rights/Constitutional Rights/Civil Rights, represent the greatest threat to our freedom and liberty. I didn’t spend the best years of my life serving our nation and saving lives in the [name and identifying information on unit removed] to have our government classify the Declaration of Independence extremism, and its principles denigrated, or rebranded as extremism.

What is dividing us more are programs like Critical Race Theory, and it’s many derivatives, that openly demeans White people and our shared experiences and beliefs as Americans. It divides us by sex, race, sexual preference and pits us against each other (Class Warfare). It attempts to condition us to believe we have implicit bias, while the training itself has a bias that we are implicitly bias.

There are many who feel hopeless and alone while we endure this cultural “Marxist” revolution which has long been documented as a Russia Communist tactic to defeat the United States from within and was used by Mao during his Cultural Revolution. For a detailed description you can read Communism by Paul Kengor, Dupes by Paul Kengor, The Communist by Paul Kengor, American Betrayal by Diana West, just to name a few). David Horowitz, a prior member of CPUSA and a member of the precursor to BLM, the Black Panther Party, details their ties to the Communist Party and Organized Crime.

We have been preaching Diversity and Inclusion since I joined the service 30 years ago, and we have only become more divided and have now graduated to White shaming people. We are creating a hostile work environment, going against everything we been preaching in the military and federal government for 30 years. Moreover, I feel I am unable to report human trafficking because we have institutionalized it for political gain on our borders. This violates law, aiding and abetting the violation of US Immigration Law is a felony, and contradicts all of the Human Trafficking training we receive. I feel like we have reached peak stupid, but I know we will go much lower before it gets any better!

If we ALL spent the same amount of time studying our history and military doctrine, i.e. the Art of War, etc., we might just become the World’s Greatest AF again and live up to the heritage given to us by the 2nd greatest generation that ever walked the face of this earth, which included the 8th AF that fought and defeated the National Socialists (Nazi’s) of their time. Communism has killed 150 million people on planet earth and humiliated, tortured, and demonilzed even more on their path of destruction, and it looks like the Socialists in America, and their duped useful idiots, want to have another dance with the Devil (Carl Marx by Paul Kengor) even while having front row seats at the horror and nightmare being endured by the Venezuela people.”

Americans and Congress must stop this unhinged assault on the nation’s Armed Forces. The only ones benefiting from this are those who seek to destroy America.

3 thoughts on “Biden’s “Woke” Military: Read the INSANE Garbage Being Pushed on US Troops”

  1. A tragedy for all of us. Only Jesus can resolve all of this. Until then, we will make it worse. We can pray for some bright spots along the way. My husband, a 17 year U.S. Army veteran, who did 3 tours in Viet Nam, has discouraged young Christians from “signing up” for the military for the last 25 years, warning that the environment was not conducive to discipleship and growth, but rather was detrimental to Christian maturity. We have seen this coming for a long time, now. It breaks our hearts.

  2. Simply INSANE. All of it. We all know the deep state is behind this and we’ve got to root them out and annihilate them. No trials, no nothing. It’s not just the military, it’s EVERYTHING. Children as young as pre-school age being indoctrinated to hate “white ” people, illegal immigration run amok, HR-1 which was just passed by Pelosi’s Congress, reparations, etc. I’m glad I’m 79 years old and won’t be around to see the culmination of all this, but my kids and grandkids sure will. I never thought I’d see the day they infiltrated the military like they have, but Obama started all this when he fired some 200 generals and admirals. It’s so bizarre that it borders on the incomprehensible. God help us!

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