Big Banks Unleash “Cancel Culture” on US & UK Patriots

(Raleigh, NC) Brexit leader Nigel Farage’s former Brexit Party in the United Kingdom, now renamed the Reform Party, joins American conservative groups like GAB and ALIPAC as victims of big bank cancel culture.

William Gheen of responded to the news that bank cancel culture has gone international…

As most in the media remain silent in the face of these political purges by big banks, we expect to see many more victims have their civil rights violated. The goal of this form of tyranny is to terrorize, censor, and silence the opponents of globalism and socialism, and those who react to it with silence welcome more of it! No media outlet, blogger, candidate, party, individual or group is safe from this tyranny of the banks.

Breitbart report on NewsWars indicates…

Metro Bank has informed the Reform UK by letter that “after careful consideration, we are unable to continue to act as your bankers.”

Former Member of European Parliament (MEP) and current Reform UK leader Richard Tice accused the bank of making the decision “based on politics” and told The Telegraph that he fears for the viability of the party if they fail to secure alternative banking services.

Tice, who took over as leader of the party from Brexit champion Nigel Farage, said of Metro Bank’s decision:

It is absolutely outrageous.” —

America’s 6th largest bank Truist, a new merger between BB&T and Suntrust, sent US Groups ALIPAC and GAB identical letters in July canceling their bank accounts as an act of political intolerance.

ALIPAC believes this may be the beginning of a global Social Credit System emanating from Communist China.

It is likely there are many more, as of yet unknown, targets of the Truist political purge. 

Will media silence allow this new control tool to become as endemic and damaging to Freedom as Big Tech censorship?

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