Big Tech Censorship NOT A Topic At The Trump/Biden Debate

10/23/2020 For over an hour and a half, Joe Biden and Donald Trump made their case to the American people last night. While the debate covered many topics from lockdowns, masks, Federal stimulus, and foreign election meddling, there was one subject that never came up. Some people would say it is THE most important issue we face as Americans if we would like to remain a free country. This omitted topic is the enormous influence that tech companies have on our day-to-day lives and whether or not they have become more powerful than our elected officials.

Earlier this week, The New York Post ran a cover story about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, having his family emails leaked. Inside that story, there was evidence of rampant drug abuse, influence peddling while Joe Biden was the Vice President, abuse of power, and more questions than answers. While that investigation is ongoing now, Twitter decided to lock the accounts of everyone who tried to share that information, including the New York Post, members of Congress, and the White House Press Secretary.

While this finally seems like an outrage to those in Washington, this is nothing new to average American who is losing their First Amendment daily. There are hundreds of websites, bloggers, and radio shows with valuable content that have been banned over the last 3 years with Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Many MAGA supporters, libertarians, and non-partisans have lost their jobs, income, and were forced “underground” where “authorized sources” demonize them more. We may never know the full extent of the damage that this has caused to those individuals in our society, but this is always a sign of a totalitarian government forming.

Yahoo News recently put out an article claiming that the FIRST thing that Joe Biden should do as President is go after “propaganda”. This article, like all articles, assumes he is the winner, which there is a plan for. However; this is not only unconstitutional, it is immoral. It weaponizes a political system that already marginalizes ideas that “the establishment” does not like, and it will be used to silence any opposition to bad ideas. “Authorized news sources” like The Atlantic are happy to spread disinformation, propaganda, unnamed sources and polarize Americans to maintain division in America. They just do not want you to have the ability to contest their assertions, or bring unity. This has done irreparable damage to our culture of freedom, open debate, and respect.

Journalism in America used to ask hard questions. It used to be combative, and it did not live to serve its corporate masters. It sought to expose genuine cracks in our system so that we as citizens could fight to fix them. This is no longer the case. Now, our investigative journalists serve their special interests, megadonors, and political party by manipulating their audience with constant outrage. If they cannot debate their opposition, they simply lobby to silence them, and they have more than enough backing to do it. From failing news sites to politicians, everyone has been happy to use Silicon Valley to do their bidding when it comes to silencing American dissent. The problem is that we are now at a crossroads where it is hard to distinguish who is actually in control of our Republic, and if we even live in one. This was never asked during the debate, and it is the most fundamental question we face moving forward.

As Americans, we have a right to know who is in control of our country, and we did NOT consent to have Silicon Valley control our lives or discourse. There has never been a referendum or vote on this. Our elected officials should be investigating how much influence these tech giants have, and they should be asked daily about what they are doing to stop this domestic interference. We have had to face this same problem with Standard Oil before, and as Americans we need to know who is in control of our nation.

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