CNN & NY Times Backed Sex Harasser For Key US Media Post

Only days ago, Fundamedios elected its new Board of Directors in the United States. As detailed on its webpage presentation, Fundamedios is an organization committed to promoting freedom of expression, monitoring aggressions and risks faced by journalists, and upholding human rights since 2007 in Latin America.

In December 2017, the network of fundamental freedom organizers developed regional standards for monitoring and dissemination of alerts regarding freedom of expression in 8 countries. The report has been reviewed by UNESCO as part of the UN’s High-Level Review of Sustainable Development Goal 16 in July 2019.

Among the Board of USA advisors appear two major leftist media duly represented for CNN by Fernando del Rincón and by Boris Muñoz for the New York Times.

For years now, CNN has been the subject of severe allegations of partisan bias. Both CNN and the New York Times have been also publicly exposed as biased and tending to disparate treatment of Republican and Democratic candidates during the months since the presidential primaries.

Furthermore, both media were deeply involved in supporting and promoting the #MeToo movement. In December last year, CNN enthusiastically announced that:

When allegations of sexual abuse implicating the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sparked the global #MeToo movement in 2017, its message was simple: Men in positions of power should not — and will not — be allowed to get away with using their position to harass and assault.

It worked.

Dozens of very high-profile men — and a handful of women — have been forced out of their high-profile jobs as a result.”

It certainly worked and this is precisely why today we ask the legitimate question – how come CNN and the New York Times are supporting “one of those who have been forced out of their high-profile jobs”? Indeed, and obviously, the attention-grabbing concern with the announcement of the Fundamedios new Board of Directors in the United States is that the new Chairman elected is the well-known sexual harasser Frank LaRue. He was Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information at the corrupted UNESCO and was dismissed for proven misconduct of sexual harassment in 2018.

More details available at:

Even more, the recent article published this month by Jeune Afrique, reminded that Frank La Rue was fired by UNESCO: “Chakchouk took office in a difficult context, since his predecessor, the Guatemalan Frank La Rue, had just been sacked in February 2018 for serious misconduct after being found guilty, internally, of sexual harassment against a close collaborator.”

Still, in his CV, made available on the Fundamedios webpage, it is officially stated : Frank LaRue, Legal and Human Rights Director of Fundamedios since 2019 and former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression from 2008 to 2014, has a long history as a human rights defender in Guatemala, focusing his work especially on vulnerable groups such as children, youth, women and indigenous peoples, for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003. He has been a human rights lawyer in cases brought before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and before the United Nations system. He is a former director of the RFK Center for Human Rights Europe and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the DEMOS Institute in Guatemala.

Not a word in this CV about his job at UNESCO, and not a word of course about the fact that he was summary dismissed for serious misconduct and sexual harassment. And now this is the man supported by CNN and the New York Times, and working with them to protect journalists and advance press freedom and human rights. Such intellectual dishonesty from the new Chairman of Fundamedios is simply appalling.

But demonstrably, the immoral conduct of Frank LaRue at UNESCO is not bothering his state of mind.  Even more awkward, he now allows himself expressing ethical views this month on his great preoccupation about the violation of press freedom in the USA! 

Was it done following the orders emanating from his CNN and the New York Times supporters? Most probably. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that both media are caught preaching in general for greater morality but then doing exactly the opposite. However, this time their duplicity is duly proven and put on record.

The question is also why Fundamedios in the USA is letting its reputation be severely tarnished by electing a sexual predator as chairman. The decent goals of Fundamedios can hardly be reached under the scandalous leadership of Frank LaRue.

We will anxiously await comment from the #MeToo activists at CNN and the NYT.

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