Facebook Response to Christian Conservatism: Censorship & Account Termination

My account has been deleted by Facebook on October 25, 2020. Some days before, Facebook asked me for my ID, and I gave it to them. Their final answer was termination.

This was my account, which I had used since 2009: https://www.facebook.com/julio.severo

Now people who try to access my Facebook profile find this public Facebook message:

“This Content Isn’t Available Right Now. When this happens, it’s usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it’s been deleted.”

Instead of using a forthright language, Facebook used a maze of meaningless words to say that my account was deleted. But how can people bypass this maze to understand that my account was deleted?

When people read the Facebook message, they do not know that my account has been deleted. So because of the misleading message, they wonder if I, the owner, have restricted my account by sharing my Facebook content only to a small group of people or if I have changed who can see it. Or they could even think that I have excluded them, because Facebook refuses to acknowledge directly that my account was terminated because of anti-Christian bias and censorship.

For people who read the Facebook message, it is hard to imagine what has happened. In contrast, for Facebook, it is not hard to know what happened, because Facebook itself deleted my account. So why mislead the public and let people confused about the termination of my Facebook account?

Why is so hard for Facebook to explain clearly to the public that they deleted my account because of my conservative Christian content? Why does Facebook hide its anti-Christian censorship behind a misleading message?

For me, Facebook gives me a private message whenever I try to access my old account saying:

“Your Account Has Been Disabled. You can’t use Facebook because your account, or activity on it, didn’t follow our Community Standards. We have already reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed. To learn more about the reasons we disable accounts visit the Community Standards.”

The last two Facebook groups I created before the Facebook’s ultimate censorship were “Prayer for Trump Intercessory Group” and “Grupo de Intercessão Oração por Bolsonaro” (Prayer for Bolsonaro Intercessory Group). Bolsonaro is the Brazilian who has tried to advance some conservative causes in Brazil.

For years, I have faced several actions, restrictions and blocks from Facebook against my conservative Christian views, in a pattern of harassment that is very common from left-wing behavior against Christians.

On 2019, Facebook blocked me for 30 days because I reported on a boy tortured by two lesbians.

I suffered several 30-day blocks from Facebook exclusively for my conservative views.

* I was blocked for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, even though the owner of Facebook is a Jew and he should respect my pro-Jew feelings. But he preferred instead to respect the feelings of Muslims who do not accept Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

* I was harassed by Facebook on the Brazilian presidential elections over my conservative stances.

* I was blocked for commenting on the bad example of two lesbians.

* I was harassed by Facebook for publishing on my profile the whole Bible verse of Leviticus 18:22 where God himself says that homosexuality is an abomination.

This case was reported in a headline by WND (WorldNetDaily), one of the most prominent conservative websites in the world. See: http://www.wnd.com/2018/02/christian-catches-facebook-censoring-bible/

And there are many other examples of harassments and 30-day blocks from Facebook against me.

The only time Facebook ever backtracked on its harassment and bullying against me was when a conservative legal group in California sent a letter to Facebook on 2017. See: Facebook Acknowledges Its Own Censorship on Julio Severo. What Happens Now?

Sadly, the only language the Facebook censorship machine can understand is strong legal action. Without it, conservative Christians are powerless and have little hope to see Facebook understand that conservative Christian posts and stances, including mentions of the Bible, are legally-protected free speech.

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