Bill Gates Wants To BRAINWASH Kids With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence could enslave the world. Alex Newman, CEO Liberty Sentinel Media, is here to talk about Bill Gates and the threat A.I. poses to humanity.

All technology can be useful if it’s in the right hands. However, Bill Gates is wicked and is a key player in the developments of A.I. technology.

In 2019 the United Nations held a conference in China where they explained how to use A.I. in the classroom to change the values, beliefs, and attitudes of our children.

In the future whoever has the most powerful A.I. will win all wars.

American mega banks like Goldman Sachs are currently funding Chinese military projects developing artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk has compared the development of A.I. technology to raising a demon. Google’s Ray Kurzweil has indicated he believes A.I. could become god. The globalist elites believe A.I, is their ticket to immortality and becoming superhuman.

This is reminiscent of the Tower of Babel when God destroyed the plans of evil men. Globalists are back to playing with fire and this will not end well.

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