Calif. Schools Give Taxpayer Cash to Children for Far-Left Activism 

Government schools in California are offering children large sums of taxpayer money to become social-justice warriors through a far-left extremist group that has been accused of anti-Semitism, sparking alarm among critics about how “education” has become cover for indoctrinating students and turning them into revolutionaries.  

The explosive scandal, first reported by The Free Press last week, was revealed thanks to contracts showing that Long Beach Unified School District gave $2 million to “Californians for Justice.” The funding was used to offer $1,400 “stipends” to about 100 children in exchange for becoming radical activists. Other districts in the state are also involved.  

The organization involved brags online about how it is a “youth-powered organization fighting for racial justice.” In reality, it is a taxpayer-funded and taxpayer-powered outfit that is bilking taxpayers and using it to buy “youth activists” ready to promote an extreme leftwing agenda backed by politicians and their allies.  

According to the group’s website, it offers “leadership development opportunities throughout the school year and summer.” The goal, it says, is “to ensure our youth leaders gain the political education and valuable organizing skills they need to lead social justice movements.” 

On its Instagram page, it promotes everything from transgenderism and racial hate to removing Jews from the Holy Land. In a recent video posted by the organization, a student is asked why others should join “Californians for Justice.” The response is telling: “You get paid good.” Apparently proper grammar is not needed for “social justice leadership.”  

A spokesman for the Long Beach school district south of Los Angeles defended the cash for activism, describing it as an “internship” that helps ensure “equitable participation in CFJ programs, embracing diverse perspectives in education.” But clearly, diverse perspectives — in fact, any non-radical leftist ones — are not welcome.   

The “trainings” uncovered by The Free Press urge the children on the payroll to call out their teachers on subjects including “implicit bias” and “racism.” They are also taught to whine about “student voice.” Ultimately, it is part of a new paradigm in education where teachers are no longer educators in the traditional sense, but fellow revolutionaries.  

A recent article about the fringe group’s “trainings” in the Stanford Social Innovation Review argues that they are “rewiring the way they connect with students — particularly students of color.” In fact, that “rewiring” now encourages students and teachers join forces to wage war on the system together.  

“This means, for example, breaking down old stereotypes where teachers are perceived as the ones with authority and knowledge to establishing a new viewpoint that teachers are allies and catalysts of the students’ own strengths and knowledge,” the Stanford Social Innovation Review stated.  

Teachers who spoke with The Free Press blasted the program as a “horrible propaganda strategy.” High school history teacher Jay Goldfischer said the group was giving students a “scripted voice.” “They’re teaching them parroting,” he continued, calling it “the exact opposite of how you empower children.” 

This sort of child abuse has been a hallmark of mass-murdering dictatorships of various varieties for over a century. From Mao and Stalin to Hitler and Mussolini, indoctrinating children through “education” and conscripting them in the revolution has been the norm for tyrants. Historically, free and civilized people would never tolerate such an outrage. 

Government schools are not just dumbing down and brainwashing captive children. They are now literally bribing them with taxpayer money to promote totalitarian policies and dangerous ideas that have produced death, starvation, misery, and destruction everywhere they take root. This is criminal and must be dealt with like the existential threat that it is. 

Originally published at FreedomProject Media.

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    Recognizing Truth

    There are theistic religions and non-theistic religions. Systems of thought that don’t include a deity or deities but still have all the characteristics are non-theistic religions. Ninian Smart studied theistic and nontheistic religions and developed his “7 Dimensions of Religion” which has been used by scholars extensively in recognizing and studying them. In discussions with non-academics, the 7 Dimensions can be daunting and hard to remember. So I boiled these down to what I call “The P Test”

    – They have a set of PRACTICES that they follow, and beliefs they hold to by mere faith.
    – They engage in POLEMIC against other belief systems, claiming theirs is superior
    – They PREACH to their adherents and followers, encouraging them to remain strong in their beliefs and not to falter
    – They PROSELYTIZE, seeking to convert people from belief in other religions and religious practice to their own

    Atheism, humanism, secularism, LGBTQ+, and even the religion of COVID/mRNA-jab 100% qualify as and act as RELIGION. Anti-Christian and Ant-Semitism are also demonstrably and definitively religious. As are BLM, Antifa, and all “activisms”.

    The government is Constitutionally bound not to set up a “state” religion. That neutrality can be most simply accomplished by the government not interfering with the free exercise of religion (as the Constitution lays out) so long as the exercise does not include violations of civil and criminal law. Pissing off a member of a particular competing religion is currently governmentally deemed a violation of civil law and adjudicated as “hate” speech which means that government is NOT remaining neutral and this must end. What also must end is any governmental funding of specific religions – theistic or non-theistic. Grants to be used to promote engagement in political activism is funding the religion of partisan politics. Imagine if such funding was earmarked for Christians to distribute Bibles, run evangelistic outreaches, and distribute promotional literature. The anti-Christian religious would immediately trot out their favorite “separation of church and state” misquoted and out of context mantra.

    Well if the state is going to be forced to be separate

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