3 Reasons the Stock Market May Be a False Economic Positive

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There are two huge lies being told by the Biden-Harris regime about the economy. The first is the easiest to debunk: “Low” Unemployment. With every jobs report getting adjusted weeks after delivering “good news” to the people, it has become the least reliable metric in finance. The incessant fibs about how well the job market is doing belies what Americans are feeling in the trenches.

The second huge lie is a bit tougher for many to see. The stock market is supposedly in a “bull market” status, but is it really? And even if it is, should investors trust that the trends will continue?

“A lot of our clients are hesitant to move investments to physical precious metals because they feel that the stock market is currently performing well,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis Gold Group. “We encourage them to consider three things before making their decisions, especially when they’re concerned about the stability of their retirement accounts.”

Here are the three things Rose and his team tell people to consider:

  1. Is the stock market rising faster than inflation or is it simply keeping pace? A recent observation by Stephen Moore from Daily Caller News Foundation is worth considering. He said that the current “bull market” is just a reflection of the recovery that followed the wipeout that tore away billions of dollars in wealth between December, 2021, and September, 2022. Inflation is directly affecting the current stock prices, but that pace may not be sustainable if costs continue to rise even as revenue remains stagnant.
  2. Will turmoil, especially leading up to the presidential election, be more likely to help or hurt the stock market? While gold and silver are often seen as hedges against economic challenges derived from turmoil, the stock market often acts in reverse. Most stocks thrive through stability, so those who expect instability in the near future should rethink their current positions. Considering so many are warning of riots getting worse the closer we get to the 2024 election, it may be best to rethink those positions sooner rather than later.
  3. For long-term investments such as those in retirement accounts, is the potential reward from the “bull market” worth the risk if things go south? There’s a very big difference between investing to earn short-term gains and protecting one’s life’s savings in their retirement account. For day traders or those seeking to move money regularly, the risks of riding the bull market wave can be mitigated by good decisions. For long-term portfolios like IRAs and old 401(k) accounts, many prefer the stability of physical precious metals.

“I think it’s important that we have never engaged in fearmongering, especially about investments,” Rose continued. “There are so many in the precious metals industry that have been making Chicken Little predictions for decades. I believe our analysis is more credible because we haven’t been screaming about economic challenges until now.

“We’re only talking about it today because it has become a legitimate concern. When the economy looked strong, we weren’t making dire predictions like most others in our industry. Today, we’re ringing the alarm bell.”Genesis Gold Group specializes in rolling over or transferring retirement accounts into self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. Reach out to them today to learn how they can help navigate the current financial landscape.

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