Canadian TEENS Arrested for Resisting COVID Tyranny

Two Canadian teenagers in the province of Saskatchewan have been arrested for resisting extreme COVID tyranny.

In these exclusive interview with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, they share the horrifying details. 

“These kids are amazing!” Laura Lynn told The Liberty Sentinel. “They speak well, they are clear on the issues and they are under extreme duress for sharing the truth. We all want to adopt them.”

Because the minors are not allowed to talk to each other, Laura Lynn interviewed them separately and from different places–but at the same time. 

Police, school officials and the Big Tech companies are seeking to silence the boys. Don’t let their stories be silenced. Help get the word out!

3 thoughts on “Canadian TEENS Arrested for Resisting COVID Tyranny”

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    Arden Robitaille

    For the most part (but not all) the teachers and the teachers unions are bullies and a corrupt arm of left wing propaganda! It is criminal what is being enforced on the children. Let me say this “ignorance of the law, charter of freedoms & rights will not be an excuse”

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