Central Bank Digital Currencies: The End of Privacy As We Know It

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are coming at us like a freight train.

The movement to kill cash, digitize all transactions, and harness them in an international, globalist, government-controlled central bank is a direct threat to national and individual sovereignty, privacy, and, ultimately, our liberty and way of life.

Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel Media CEO, breaks it down for you and shares the receipts on the tyrants who want to take Americans’ freedoms, PLUS how we can push back and win.

2 thoughts on “Central Bank Digital Currencies: The End of Privacy As We Know It”

  1. Are you familiar with John Titus?

    Highly recommend everyone watch John’s latest YouTube video where he explains how CBDC can be used by the FED to lower inflation by making direct withdrawals from everyone’s CBDC account.





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