Charlie Kirk Shares How to Defeat Wokeism While GOP Leadership Commits to Anti-Globalist Platform

In this special edition of Alex Newman’s show, The Sentinel Report, Newman kicks off the show with an excerpt from James O’Keefes’ glorious exposé of Disney’s racist hiring practices, along with unsettling news for artificial intelligence users.

Next up, Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, joins the show to share concrete action items for how to save America and kill wokeism. Included in Kirk’s list of remedies for the U.S. are challenges for youth to get married, have kids, and homeschool them. Charlie, the author of Right Wing Revolution: How to Beat the Woke and Save the West, says young men in particular must stop watching porn and work on being a leader that women would want to submit to in a marriage. This, Kirk argues, creates strong families and, in turn, a strong nation.

Additionally, Andrew Roth, the president of the State Freedom Caucus Network, shares how the Freedom Caucus movement has grown from outside of Congress in Washington, D.C., and into state legislatures, and what that means for liberty.

Finally, Ed Martin, the RNC’s deputy policy director for the platform committee and president of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, joins Alex Newman to share his vision for the Republican platform. Martin, a former chairman of the Missouri GOP who was heavily criticized by NBC and Senator Mitt Romney after being appointed to the platform committee, gives his reaction and analysis of the bad press he has received and offers an encouraging message that the GOP platform will fight globalism.

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