CIA’s Transhumanist Tower of Babel – Most Important Exposé EVER?

The horror that has enveloped the United States and the world with mRNA injections and vote rigging is just a foretaste of what incredibly powerful transhumanist technocrats have planned under the guise of “bio-security,” reveals accountant and researcher Kristen Williamson in this interview with journalist Alex Newman on Focal Point for American Media Periscope.

Williamson, who has compiled some of the most stunning evidence and information EVER exposed, brought the receipts, including government documents, tax filings, presentations, and more from the evildoers themselves. While she has shared her findings with senior military and congressional authorities, this is the first time she has disclosed this explosive documentation publicly.

At the heart of it all is the investment arm of the U.S. intelligence community, In-Q-Tel, and its Arizona-based chairman, Michael Crow, who also serves as president of Arizona State University, home of the “Sun Devils.” From Big Tech to Big Pharma, it all converges in a nightmarish plan that literally threatens humanity itself. Thankfully, Williamson says this whole saga will have a very happy ending, as God remains in charge.

After you’re done watching, share with your elected officials and law-enforcement agencies everywhere.

4 thoughts on “CIA’s Transhumanist Tower of Babel – Most Important Exposé EVER?”

  1. We report on the Left’s plans…we worry about them…we write opinions and flame Democrats Online. Nobody FIGHTS them. A rare Republican (Paul, Cruz, Jordan, MTG, Boebert and a couple more) speak out now and then, but they just yell “gotcha!” but NEVER stop the Democrats’ machinations, as a rule. We’re circling the drain.

  2. This has been in plain site coming for decades. But Its now that we have all the technology we need to develop new Biocratic world. As Daniel was told in ch 12:4 at the time of the end people will be going to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. We have seen that knowledge increasing for over
    a century, but not like it is now today. Clearly we are rapidly approaching the “time of the end”!
    I do not believe GOD will allow this super transhuman world to exist.
    It is coming to a quick end very soon. So be ready, be watchful, and keep strong in your faith and
    hang onto you eternal hope.

  3. We should not amputate what we know of Freedom in favor of the sadistic plans that our fellow Americans have for us and the world. For one thing there is no way the “planners” are insulated from what they are doing. If they are creating “things for the worst” they have entered a dwindling spiral that will someday get them and their ilk spinning to a deeper hell for themselves. Reality has a mind of its own and someday their plans will get bashed one way or another. Hopefully bashed by Freedom Fighters who turn the dwindling spiral upward.

  4. This would have to be based on the assumption that we, human beings, would comply with this insanity. We most certainly will not, just as millions resisted the bioweapon injection. In the end……..God wins 🇺🇸

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