Phony “Collapse” of Communism Exposed – Behind The Deep State

Did freedom win and communism die with the fall of the Soviet Union? It’s more complicated than that….. Much more complicated.

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman shines light on the phony “collapse” of the Soviet Union and communist tyranny in Eastern Europe.

More importantly, perhaps, Alex exposes subversive forces in the U.S. government. These Deep State operatives helped enslave China, Cuba, and countless other nations and peoples under “communism.”

Stemming back decades, communism has run rampant behind the scenes, working to dictate policy, overthrow governments, and change the way people view its ideology.

The big foundations, the “intelligence” community, major players in banking, and many more have been involved in aiding and abetting this tyranny.

Today, this evil continues to spread across the world. And until we understand it, the cancer will keep claiming millions more victims.

1 thought on “Phony “Collapse” of Communism Exposed – Behind The Deep State”

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    Ralph Garrabrants

    Excellent synopsis of the long-standing globalist effort to concentrate wealth,power,control of education and freedom of speech in their hands while working to destroy the best aspects of our culture. Nothing new, described in Ephesians 6:12. Mr. Newman is doing a great job, is well-spoken and articulate.

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