Communist China’s New World Order – Behind the Deep State

Globalists and Communists working together for a New World Order? Really? Yes.

In this episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman explains that Deep State subversives in the West have played a key role in the rise of Communist China.

Even worse, the mass-murdering regime in enslaving the Chinese people is going to play a crucial role in what globalists describe as their “New World Order.”

Already, Chinese Communist agents are running a broad array of key United Nations agencies.

And top Deep State globalists such as George Soros and the late David Rockefeller have been helping to bring this situation about.

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1 thought on “Communist China’s New World Order – Behind the Deep State”

  1. This article and the video are straight out of the book of the Revelation.
    The Satanic globalists will replace America with China.

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