After Coup Attempt, Trump Takes on Deep State “Treason” – Ep. 2 (VIDEO)

Now that the Deep State-manufactured conspiracy theory about President Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia has been exposed as a giant fraud, things are about to start getting interesting.

Indeed, Trump has repeatedly used the words “treason” and “treasonous” to refer to the actions of these Deep State swamp creatures. He also said they had perpetrated “evil” against America.

Special Counsel Robert Muller and his Deep State buddies tried hard, but ultimately the truth came out–the Deep State hatched a ridiculous theory and then Deep State hacks in the media parroted it endlessly.

But beyond the attempted coup d’etat against America’s democratically elected president, there has been a LOT of treason going on.

In this second episode of Behind the Deep State, host Alex Newman talks about this treason, as well as identifying some of their plots and the groups involved.

Among other crimes, Trump has publicly discussed the role of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in creating ISIS. He also exposed the Deep State globalist plot to sell out our sovereignty to build a world government. All of this is treason by definition.

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6 thoughts on “After Coup Attempt, Trump Takes on Deep State “Treason” – Ep. 2 (VIDEO)”

      1. Ask Bill what Admiral Mike Rogers knew and when. Also, ask Bill about the four contractors (2012-2016) mentioned by Joe Degenova (sp) on ‘Ingram Angle’ last night.

          1. Here is an 1/5/18 article on a time of some good and bad actors in “treason’. I would appreciate your clear reporting on this topic.

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