COVID CRAZY! Australian Woman Snitches to Police on HUSBAND For Walking His Dog

Welcome to “Covid Hell”

11/19/2020Oh, my. This is not Kansas anymore. Snitch culture has taken route all over the world, and they are not even getting paid to do it! Stalin must be jealous. Mass media pumping fear for 8 months has shown us that no bond is sacred when people are scared. Government does not need a “secret police force” when neighbors will simply “snitch” on each other, no matter the costs to their own human liberties.

A woman who goes by “Andrea” has contacted the Australian police on her “husband” for walking his dog on Twitter. Read the thread below.

The Twitter user, who goes by Andrea, appears to call her husband “stupid” then proceeds to shame him for “walking the dog” outside of their home. In Orwellian fashion, she references that “wearing a mask does not violate your human rights” in her bio.

Unfortunately, with over 1 million “contact-tracers” signed up for the free course at John Hopkins via Coursea, new mask mandates in YOUR HOME in Pennsylvania, and more lockdowns in major cities around America, it does not seem to be a uniquely Australian problem. We are now witnessing the destructive power of pumping fear via the mainstream press.

Stay tuned. More to come on the Great Reset.

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