MUST SEE NOW | Whistleblower Celeste Solum on the REAL Conspiracy to Use NANOTECH on HUMANS!

Celeste Solum of the Celestial Report was a government insider for 20 years. AP tries to discredit her work, but we saw the censorship of hosting her first hand. While it sounds crazy to those that do not understand technocrats, everything in this episode includes proof. Celeste did 3 live interviews to reach people on 11/19/2020 about the Great Reset and the GOVERNMENT plan to barcode us with quantum dot technology. She started on InfoWars, then she did David Icke, and finally, she came to This is because our audience demands FREE SPEECH, HONESTY, and LIBERTY. Transhumanism IS REAL, and you’re government LOVES IT because it controls the population. Celeste does a full 2 hour presentation that you can watch here and we encourage you to watch us live to get YOUR VOICE HEARD. For all contact/guests/tips email [email protected] Include in your daily news binge, and continue to help us grow through or by sharing every interview. This is the FASTEST growing ORGANIC liberty site on the net because of your help. We explore the topics that AFFECT YOU.
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Celeste with David Icke

*While the Great Reset, brought to you by Davos, continues to meet, we continue our coverage on the social ramifications of the mainstream panic. Time is limited. That does not mean to be afraid of this technocratic agenda. Education is the first step in being able to form a plan.

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