Senekal o’ Senekal: Outrage at South African Communists & Farm Murders Explodes

Staggering Silently through the Sinai

—The word “Senekal” will live on in South African culture and history. It is here that the history of Post-Apartheid South Africa finally turned. And the word “Senekal” shall become a Rallying Cry.

Senekal is a peaceful little town on the Free State Prairie of South Africa. Nothing is supposed to ever happen in Senekal. One is supposed to hear the corn grow. The montage above captures the feel of the general district; it is a world of of wide vistas, fields of wheat, corn, or sunflower, tractors, combine harvesters, grain silos, and church steeples. This is the Midwest and Prairie of South Africa, a world of John Deere and Massey Ferguson. The local farmers are no-nonsense folks with big hearts, a firm handshake, and a word that counts for something. They are traditionally Calvinist Christians, typically belonging to a Reformed Church. Midwestern American Presbyterians would feel quite comfortable with these folks and in that church. I am sure that, in the description below, many Midwesterners will recognize themselves.

The events of the first two weeks of October 2020 in Senekal would rattle the ANC government of the country, parade its incompetence for the world to see, expose the far left EFF party as the cowardly fraud it is, and lead to an amalgamation of the civilized Western-oriented forces against the Communist-controlled Kleptocracy called “government”. On 6 October 2020 in Senekal, the White people of South Africa would find their collective Voice after 26 years of “staggering wordlessly through the Sinai” from outrage to misery to outrage. And they would be supported by people of all other races.

“Just sitting there – Dying Quietly”

For 26 years, the Whites of the country took no action as thousands among them were tortured and murdered for being White with not a word from the International Media. Farmers, in particular, were targeted. It should come as no surprise. In the late 1980s, Ronald Reagan put the present governing party in South Africa, the African National Congress, on his formal Terrorist Organization List where it remained until 2008. Reagan did so based on, among other reasons, a now-declassified CIA report from 1986 in which the ANC declared farmers and urban white males targets for their attacks (see the last few sentences on page 19 of that report). The same CIA report states, in its very last unredacted words, that the ANC decision came after a number of “non-Black” Communists were allowed into its Executive Committee. George Bush Senior, then US Vice President, specifically listed a profile of the ANC and its actual terrorist activities in his Terrorist Group Profile report of 1988, right at the back of the report, which bears also the signature of the US Secretary of Defense at the time, Frank Carlucci.

Now, many years later, Ronald Reagan is dead and farmers are being tortured and murdered at a furious pace. For lack of a proper US response, it would be concerned individuals like Katie Hopkins (UK) and Lauren Southern (Canada) who would try to present the farmers’ case in the international arena. Personally, I felt like a voice in the wilderness for years. But, it seemed from the outside as though the beleaguered Whites of the country were too outnumbered and too scared to breathe in too loudly. They would hope and they would pray, but, in truth, they did nothing to capture world attention. They seemed to leave that to others.

This lack of any tangible action made it horrendously difficult for those trying to help from overseas, because it was difficult to find internationally presentable public evidence of the mind-numbing tragedies, fear, and desperation. Even as the local ANC-controlled Media started to spin the tragic stories, the farmers tended to communicate in Afrikaans, a language the general international community could not understand.  But, like many on the US Prairie, they do speak John Deere and Massey Ferguson.

After a while, the media learnt that all it needed to do was to not report the murders; the farming communities themselves would make sure that no one outside South Africa understood the tragedy. They did this in a world flooded with news, ensuring thereby that no one who needed to hear the tragedy would ever become aware of it, and I say this as an Afrikaner myself. They seemed to prefer telling one another how terrified they were and how they buried their tortured and murdered parents the previous week. They had, and still have, little faith in the “outside world” that insisted on their servitude under the ANC.

The ANC government did all in its power to hide the farm murder statistics. By 2020, there were some 4,000 white crosses at the White Cross Monument (below) north of Pretoria, commemorating the farmers, their family members, and their farm hands who had been murdered since Mandela came to power. Many had been gruesomely tortured to death. However, to this day, the sign over the place is only in Afrikaans, the mother tongue of most farmers. That leaves people like myself with having to translate the word “Plaasmoorde” (Farm Murders) for folks in North America, who exhibit true shock when they hear what it represents. At one point, in 2005, the percentage death rate of South African farmers was greater than the death rate of US soldiers in Iraq, and US soldiers were not typically tortured to death.

The problem has always been to get the white South Africans to actually DO anything visible or significant or to speak up internationally. As good Christians, they perpetually “turned the other cheek” and “gave unto Caesar” (the ANC Government). They seemed to simply not understand that it gave their plight zero international visibility. The idea of Civil Disobedience is so foreign to the staunchly Law-abiding Afrikaner farmers that they simply could not contemplate it. In the cities there was also a massive dose of ingrained psychological Denial and Stockholm Syndrome. Yet, as the proverb goes, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to look away.” I had even written an article cautioning the folks in South Africa to “stop dying quietly”.

All of this behaviour created an image outside South Africa that these good folks were “just sitting there” and that “They have no guts”, and caused some overseas to say “they won’t do anything for themselves, so why should we stick out our necks to help them?” I had my hands full trying to explain to Americans that they were misreading these good folks. I told them that, in American terms, they should see these folks as Midwesterners and Prairie Farmers who are not loud, aggressive, demonstrative people; they are quiet people of Faith and hard work.

“Same  ****, Different Flies”

In August 2018, President Trump tweeted that he had asked Mike Pompeo to investigate the farm murders in South Africa. Shortly after, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, brazenly lied in public on Bloomberg TV about the farm murders, claiming there were none and that President Trump had been misinformed. In two years, absolutely nothing has come of Pompeo’s supposed investigation. Trump has appointed an inept and apparently semi-catatonic handbag saleslady as ambassador to the country. Her only virtue is that she understands Afrikaans. She basically just sits there and fawns on the ANC, just like Hillary Clinton did, prompting people to tell me “Same ****, Different Flies”.

By mid-2020, the South African farming community was desperate. People like myself and others were doing what we could from afar. Some Americans, including Chris Wyatt and Alex Newman had also been raising awareness in their own different ways, Chris as Live Streamer and Alex as reporter. Both of those gentlemen have experience of South Africa and are honorable men, desperately concerned for the country and its people. American talk radio and podcast folks were hosting South African expatriates, such as myself. But the truth is that the American public only pays attention to “the squeakiest wheel“. They have their own lives to live, they are inundated with other news, their country is in its own unique instigated mess right now, and they have a Formal Media hardly worth toilet paper.

Meanwhile, memorials have been erected tor the South African farmers who have been murdered while actually trying to feed Southern Africa. The informal White Cross Monument near the head of the article is the most well-known. However, a more formal memorial has also been erected at Bothaville (below).

There is also a white cross roadside memorial near Normandien (video in link). I  implore the reader to consider why folks would be erecting these memorials with the names of the departed if the murders were not happening, as the general world media suggests. Could it be these men know something you do not? After all, they are right there.

When I wrote my book, AmaBhulu, I related the case of Attie Potgieter who was murdered along with his family (video in link) near Lindley on the Prairie Free State Province of South Africa in 2010.  Senekal, the subject of this post, is the very next town south along the R777.

And this gets us to 1 October 2020 outside this sleepy little Prairie town.

Brendin Horner – 1 October 2020

The towns of Senekal and Paul Roux are located in the northern Free State province on the South African Prairie. This area is the grain basket of the country and is a major supplier of food to Southern Africa. The district focuses on corn, wheat, sunflower, milk and livestock. As I have said to my American friends, “This is serious John Deere country“. These farmers know their tractors and combine harvesters. And they know this country they have farmed since the late 1830s, when Hendrik Potgieter traded it from the Ba’Taung chief, Makwana. I have described that event on my Great Trek page. As with many rural South African towns, the center of the town is the original Dutch Reformed Church (below). In this case, the beautiful old building is one of the very oldest in the Free State.

On 1 October 2020, 21-year old white youth Brendin Horner was celebrating his first year of employment as a farm manager on a farm located between Senekal and Paul Roux. He had visited his parents on that day, but, after he left their place, Brendin’s girlfriend could not raise him by phone. The next morning, his father and a colleague discovered Brendin’s brutally savaged body on a farm outside Paul Roux, tied to a fencepost by a rope around the neck. In his picture below, young Brendin is seen wearing his John Deere cap, posing with his girlfriend.

A post-mortem revealed Brendin had been strangled to death after apparently being extensively savaged with a knife. He had put up a huge fight, but to no avail. The knife in question was found at the scene, seemingly left as a message. After the farm owner posted a R50,000 reward, two black men were arrested, being found with bloodstained clothes in a nearby Black township. It was afterwards revealed in court that one of the men had several criminal convictions, including stock theft. In this respect, the ANC Government appears to treat theft by its supporters as a human right. The farmers openly accuse the ANC-controlled Police of being part of the local stock theft syndicate and had earlier submitted a report to this effect to the Police Authorities. They had predicted someone would be killed. Nothing had been done. And now Brendin was dead.

The two accused were to appear in court on Senekal on 6 October 2020. And so we move to that cloudy Spring morning in the heart of rural South Africa.

Senekal, o’ Senekal – 6 October 2020

When the folks of Senekal woke up on the morning of 6 October 2020, a huge number of farmers and their supporters had descended on the town in trucks, cars, tractors, and whatever farm implement would roll. This was the start of what would become known as “Senekal 1“.

After some speeches and a memorial service on the hill behind the court house, a large number of farmers entered town and gathered outside the court (image above- note the John Deere equipment). A number of angry farmers entered the court building unarmed, weapons not being allowed inside. When they did so, the Police or Court Officers fired two shots inside the building, and Police outside the building threw two smoke grenades or flash-bangs at the crowd. It was reported afterward that one farmer, somewhere in this process, hit a policeman. Soon after, as seen in the video, two heavy Nyala armoured Police vehicles came rushing to the court house from the south (see map further down), charging down at speed on the farmers. Another video clip, taken inside the building, shows angry farmers spinning around to look for the source of the shots fired BEHIND them. One yells “Skiet t’rug!”(shoot back!). Nobody did. When the gate was opened for the first of the two vehicles, it vividly tried to plough into the farmers, but reportedly ended up crashing into the court building at some speed.

Outside the building, the large group of justifiably upset farmers, now acting in self-defense, literally formed a rugby-style scrum when the Nyala returned from inside the grounds and rocked this heavy armoured vehicle and  forced it out the gate by sheer adrenalin-fueled muscle power. It had obviously driven over the lawn, because a piece of sod may be seen falling of the left hand front wheel when it jerks. Another view of that event may be seen here, being a News24 clip with a blatant and 100% obvious lie as a title; the Police van that would LATER go up in flames is still standing unmolested on its  four wheels in the foreground at the end of the clip. The two Nyalas then beat a hasty and ignominious retreat back to the south, but not before one policeman lobbed a stun grenade or “flash bang pointedly into the crowd.

The farmers then blocked off road access to the court using their large John Deere tractors and settled down to a quiet and completely non-violent prayer session, so typical of this very devout community. The smaller Police van in the one clip above was turned on its side so as to prevent the driver from also using that as an assault weapon against them. It was NOT set alight at the time. In THIS video clip, a man can be heard commenting in Afrikaans that “the flames will eventually somehow find a gasoline line somewhere”. The tyres are clearly not burning; this is an engine fire. Destruction of property and pyromania are not traits of these hardworking and devoutly Calvinist Christian people. Folks might as well try to convince this author of Amish folks burning Police cars in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; fat chance! The vehicle’s engine more likely caught alight by itself from lying on its side with the engine turning over. Various images show specifically the front end of the vehicle on fire.

An extended vlog report on the event by Chris Wyatt (in Pennsylvania) via his South African sources may be seen HERE.Another by Roman Cabanac may be seen HERE.

The day saw some fascinating sights. It would probably be ironic to Americans to see Black women in South Africa holding up posters reading “Boer lives matter” (See below). In Afrikaans, Dutch and Flemish, the word “boer” simply means “farmer” (like “bauer” in German).

The reader will note that none of the black people in these various video segments or the still shots shown here appeared to be in fear of the supposedly “Violent Farmers”. They are clearly “hanging out” together with the whites.

I can hear the “liberal brains exploding” from over here in Canada. Are these farmers not supposed to be “mean violent racists”? Oops, well, perhaps these Liberals had it wrong all these years….AGAIN.

A white farmer, André Pienaar, has been arrested on a bunch of charges, initially including terrorism, of all things, attempted murder (!), and whatever else they could think of. The terrorism charge was dropped. No one understands the “attempted murder” charge. He was initially refused bail and spent several days in jail before being granted said bail. More recently, a second man, S.J. Fourie, has been arrested on charges not yet entirely clear and is also out on bail. The Police are trying make it look as though the farmers fired the shots, but no one has yet ventured a theory as to why they would do that. That the vividly incompetent and frightened Police would do it, is much more likely. Note, for example, their indiscriminate use of grenades/flash-bangs in the video clips and their wild driving of armoured vehicles into crowds. I leave the intelligent reader to think this through.

Doing Something

For all the criticism that people may want to level at the upset farmers at Senekal, the fact is that finally, after twenty six years, they actually DID SOMETHING. And THAT finally and at last got the attention of the Government. Twenty-six years of prayer just made the ANC-Communist Party-COSATU Tripartite Alliance grin gleefully and rub its hands together in delight at the vivid distress of the prayerful crowds. As long as the victimized farmers only prayed, they were not even considered a factor at all. Through atheist Communist eyes the prayer days are just religious people “taking their Opium of the Masses“. Thus they are to be ignored. What else did the ever-so-law-abiding farmers expect from a government that is at heart a terrorist organization using words such as “revolution” and “cadres” and aiding people who scream “Kill the Farmers! Kill the Boer!”, as we shall see below.

What could the farmers possibly expect from a president who reckons Whites are naturally racist and then applies this thinking to events in the United States of all places. Seriously!? The shine has really come off HIS penny. I trust all can now finally see him for the kitchen variety Black racist he actually is. Many Whites thought he might be the hope of the country after the disastrous Jacob Zuma, but at least Zuma’s savage behaviour and brazen stupidity made the problem clear. Ramaphosa is astute at hiding it, making him far more dangerous. After all, he roundly fooled Adriana Amanpour of CNN and the seat-warmer British Prime Minister Theresa May, both of whom stopped just short of licking his feet in the past.

By contrast, enraged farmers charging courtrooms, chasing the ANC’s Police out of town, and overturning Police vehicles is quite something else. This smells of a political threat of primary scope. This gets the attention of savages, thieves, terrorists, and of Communists in particular. The ANC is all four of those. It has taken notice, and it is scared.

Let me repeat this so people can understand: the ANC is terrified of white people reacting, because it is going to attract international attention. The ANC needs Whites to die quietly, but they know they can hide 4,000 murders only so long, and that time limit is upon them. If this attracts the attention of the world it could burst the ANC’s Bubble of BS they have blown over the eyes of the West over these 26 years. Hillary and her ilk might well believe them, but American farmers, being decent hardworking Christians and straight-thinking “John Deere owners”, will not. I shall go to my grave believing that ordinary farmers everywhere are well-adjusted sensible and compassionate thinking people who can smell BS at least one farm away.

16 October – Enter the Racist Black Leaders

Julius Malema is the red-clad Communist leader of the third biggest party in parliament. He is always ready for a round of race-baiting and the opportunity to make a call for the murder of whites. He announced that he would “lead an army” down to Senekal on the 16th of October. He followed that up with the announcement, “Fighters, attack!” Some white groupings threatened to similarly turn up armed to stop Malema’s Black Nazi Mob. Malema had zero business there and he has no formal legal standing in the murder case. He claimed they would go to Senekal to “protect government property”, the most outrageous statement from the whole Senekal episode, given his EFF had spent more than a week torching shops shortly before and had previously dug up blacktop public roads using pickaxes. A farmer might as well believe the fox when he says he’s off to the farmyard to protect the chickens.

No one in South Africa understands what the events around grieving farmers in Senekal have to do with the Monstrous Malema or his city-shanty communist party, the EFF. See his outburst on the subject of Senekal HERE; he makes Hitler sound like a rabbi. How this disgracefully malevolent rabble rouser is not in jail or in the ground defeats any rational intellect. Clearly, the ANC government humours him all the way and runs protection for him. I assure the reader all whites in the country know this. He has replaced Mugabe of Zimbabwe as the ANC’s useful bogeyman to scare South African White people. The ANC will never prosecute him, but they’ll sentence a white woman to jail for three years for calling a useless black policeman the South African equivalent of the N-word while she was upset due to having her car broken into.

On the other hand, also headed to Senekal was one of the more interesting characters in South Africa. He is Big Daddy Liberty, who has a view on matters in South Africa that I believe many Americans would relate to; I certainly do. And he is a South African man of color. The country needs millions more like him. They are too few by many orders of magnitude.

And then there was Petrus Sitho, another Black man. He states that he was called by God to do something about what was happening to the country, and to the farmers in particular. It is a tragedy that folks who cannot understand Afrikaans should miss out on Petrus’ colorful interview in Afrikaans preceding his formal statement. Then again, to be blunt, few Christians outside South Africa apparently feel called to do something about the South African nightmare. Some men fighting for the peaceful secession of the West Cape also set out for Senekal, accompanied by several Coloured people from that part of the country. They all came to express their solidarity with the farmers. The farmers had a distinctly non-racial alliance, including several local black farmers and residents. It was Malema who was headed to town with a Racist Black Communist Mob.

Meanwhile, local Church leaders were leading the community in prayer (below), and that community responded, as may be seen, in completely non-racist fashion.

For those who doubt the character of this farming community, both Black and White, THESE few minutes of a community gathering with White men speaking and praying in both Afrikaans and Sesotho should settle the matter. The last speaker ends cautioning against feelings of revenge for the death of Brendin.

“Senekal 2”- Calling on President Trump

Clearly the situation was a powder keg. Malema and his red-clad Communist mob made their way to Senekal in the usual convoy of buses. Malema claimed he was coming to Senekal to protect public property against these farmers.

A group of armed Whites respectfully gathered on the farm Biddulphsberg (Biddulph’s Mountain), about ten miles out of town: a quick reaction force, just in case needed. The mountain is named for a British Colonial Commissioner from the early-mid 1800s. The mountain was also the site of a Battle in the Great Boer War of 1899-1902. Here the community had erected a temporary cross (left) in the name of Brendin Horner. This was the spot at which he had been murdered.

They offered security to visitors and flew drone patrols over the area. Click on the image for the rather dramatic ending of a short video describing arrangements for the commemorative meeting. For those interested, the supporting music clip is a song titled “Goliath” with lyrics “Let Goliath come, the David inside me is ready for him”, performed by the artist Ghapi. And may I once more point out all the John Deeres in the video? American Midwest farmers will understand these men. Of course, some prefer Massey-Ferguson.

Elsewhere, just outside town, Petrus Sitho (below) was addressing farmers in very “colourful” language, expressing solidarity, lambasting the ANC, and suggesting that he would seek the help of President Trump. He vowed to bind himself in chains until the country was really free. The men from the West Cape were also in that group. The Boer Legion, led by Izaak van Zyl was also in this group, which was by far the most outspoken and politicized of the four groups of farmer supporters.

The Civil Rights group, Afriforum, and an associated organization, Solidarity, held a meeting a little further out of town. It is not entirely clear what the focus of their effort was. They would afterward take criticism in that respect.

A Christian Biker group, a collection of individuals, and seven members of a group calling themselves the Commando Corps (below) entered the town itself. The Commando Corps was clad in the brown uniform and green berets of the old Commandos (roughly the local equivalent of the National Guard). The Government had disbanded the original armed Commando units about 13 years ago specifically to get automatic weapons out of the hands of Whites, but the men had started a private organization helping farmers with self-protection services and training. Among these men was Major André Nel, whose surname is of 1680s French Huguenot extraction at the Cape of Good Hope.

Among the individuals were two key men. The first was Kallie Roux, a prominent anti-farm-murder activist. Physically, he is a big man who will appear in graphic materials below wearing a very visible white T-shirt bearing an anti-farm-murder slogan. The other is Schalk van der Merwe, an equally big man in a black T-shirt. Schalk is the chairman of the National Conservative Party, but attended that day in his private capacity, along with his lady friend Leoni. Schalk has a legal background, is active in labor relations, and has a track record in negotiation of labor disputes. Both men trace their bloodlines back to the 17th century Cape. The Roux surname is of 1680s French Huguenot extraction and the Van der Merwe surname is of 1660s Cape Dutch vintage at the Cape of Good Hope.

This motley combined group was allocated a spot at the eastern end of Berg (Mountain) Street. From there, they could see the rear echelons of the EFF mob at the other end of Berg Street near the church. The Police soon turned up to spin razor wire across the front of this white group. I have been personally assured that the group had agreed to this action of the Police. However, this completely isolated them and cut them off from all but one single vehicle access route to the north. This would prove crucial in the ensuing events. As seen below, the group was initially only about fifty strong, but over the next hour or so it grew to somewhere between 200 and 300 using that northern access route.Inexplicably, Malema and his EFF had been allocated an intersection at the corner of the old Dutch Reformed Church. To the devout farmers this must have reeked of willful desecration of their church. The map below shows the disposition of the parties in town (click on map to enlarge). Much more upsetting, is the fact that Malema was escorted into town by twenty-five Police cars.

An ANC Youth League group also arrived in town, and THIS CLIP will demonstrate to everyone what they will do to a Coloured reporter. Please do remember what you see here.Malema and his cronies had a mobile stage truck pulled across the Church intersection. From this platform he lashed out against white people with his usual racist rhetoric and then added a new dimension when his understudy told his “army” to burn out the farmers. This will be the subject of another blogpost, because fires “mystically” broke out all over the northern Free State in the days immediately following that statement.  Having worked up his crowd—coward that he is—he left to go and sit right next to the Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, in the court room for protection (image below – Malema in red). That would be the same Minister of Police who had provided him the 25 car Police escort. Malema had said he would “lead from the front”, but he was nowhere near where any action was about to be. He was sitting safely next to the minister, who was making a vivid public demonstration of his concept of political evenhandedness. He had chosen the racist rabble-rouser instead of the supporters of the victim in the case. However, Whites who were born in Senekal were forbidden to attend.Elsewhere in town, Big Daddy Liberty referred to above was interviewing both sides. His interviews made it abundantly clear that the EFF supporters had no real idea why they were there.

The Thin Civilized Line

At a crucial point in the day, the EFF feigned a movement down Berg Street in the direction of the few whites (see the map above). However, the ruse was soon revealed when the little White knot behind the barbed wire realized that the Police had allowed the EFF to double around the block along the Main Street in town and to completely cut off their only access route. The map makes this clear.

If the EFF thought that they were going to trigger the White folks into running away through the houses and fields, they were mistaken. The little white knot came together, turned through 90 degrees, and faced the loud EFF mob descending on them from the north. The two groups were soon literally chest to chest.

The unarmed Commando Corps men, along with Schalk van der Merwe and Kallie Roux formed the front line. This thin line of civilized men stood rock steady in position (image below), facing down the EFF mob, which was chanting “Kill the Boer. Kill the Farmer!!” right into their faces. They formed a phalanx in front of the other white people. Remember, the EFF had supposedly come to “protect public property”. But, they knew the world media would run flak for them. It is always like that. It has been like that all my life.This was when Schalk van der Merwe, the negotiator, emerged and entered into conversation with a mature “general” of the EFF mob. The conversation then extended to include Kallie Roux and Major André Nel (above). Schalk recounts:

 You walk up to the general, look him in the eye and tell him another step could cause the end of his movement in South Africa…’yes, understand me crystal clear, if you make the wrong move now Bubba, it’s a civil war. Are you up for that?’

The following image shows Van der Merwe talking to the EFF “general”.The following image shows the leaders on both sides herding their men back a few yards, Van der Merwe and Roux taking the lead in that process on the farmers’ side:All this was done with a raucous mob baying for blood behind the EFF officers. The two sets of leading men agreed to withdraw their forces to two yards apart and to allow the media into that gap. There is a lot of footage around showing the later disposition, but the initial clash and negotiation is very thinly reported. The next image shows the media in the gap. This arrangement seemed to contain the situation until a number of riot policemen in heavy gear belatedly arrived and the EFF pulled back to the intersection on the Main Road (see the map). However, when some of the bikers tried to leave, the EFF pulled one man off his bike. At this point the EFF were screaming and yelling and generally acting out, singing “Shoot! Shoot!“, as they are wont to do.

The Farmers’ supporters nearest town had meanwhile heard about the group in town being cut off and were making their way on foot down the highway (below) into town under the leadership of Izaak van Zyl, leader of the Boer Legion. They carried the flag of the long gone Transvaal Boer Republic of the 19th century, lost to Great Britain in the Great Boer War of 1899-1902. A group of Black riot police under the command of a (seriously big) White officer stopped them about 100 yards short of that intersection.

Eventually, the EFF dispersed and disappeared out of town. So much for Malema’s “Army”. It had been stopped dead in its tracks by a small knot of white men who had quietly stood their ground in the face of overwhelming provocation and had then taken the initiative in defusing the situation. And the EFF who had ostensibly come to protect public property, had in fact destroyed it (below).

God help the Truth, because the Media won’t

Beyond the vividly obvious misreporting and skewed statements by local news operators, one can always reliably turn to the New York Times for a completely twisted view on anything. Here is their description:

…white Afrikaners nostalgic for the apartheid era and Black protesters angry that whites still own most farmland squared off.

Amazing! Two profound lies in fewer than twenty words! Fortunately, these days, Americans know what a lying tool that miserable dystopian rag is, given the Russia Hoax and every other lie they have perpetuated about President Trump. Decent Americans now finally “have their number”. If the NYT can lie that consistently and remorselessly about things in the US, imagine how they can lie about matters far away for which they would never have to account. Over and above this, it still eludes everyone how land ownership is involved in this matter. Brendin Horner did not own any land. He was just a kid with a job on a farm owned by someone else. But let not decency and respect for the truth interfere with the Grey Lady’s implicit liberal self-loathing and insistence that OTHERS should die for that psychosis of theirs. In South Africa, we have suffered under the poisonous yoke of the New York Times since at least 1901. In that year they reported that ladies could play tennis all day if they liked in the British Boer War Concentration Camps. Some 30,000 women and children died in those camps, including some 57% of my extended Booyens family who entered those camps. I never knew tennis was that dangerous [end sarcasm]!

To my American readersLadies and gentleman, I give you your news media at work. God help the truth.

Summary – A Glimmer of Hope

The 16th has come and gone, and tragedy was averted. The day passed without the feared initiation of a Civil War. This may be due in part to the presence of a goodly number of white Police officers later in the day, but also due to the rational behavior of the Farmers’ supporters. The EFF, who had ostensibly come to Senekal to protect state/public property, had in fact broken a lot of public property, including street signs and concrete trash cans. The small number of white men had held their ground. Whatever message the EFF thought it was sending to Whites, it certainly never arrived. The EFF rabble retreated back to Johannesburg and the farmers still have their district, their town, their Church, and their Faith.

However, this was the first time ever in the life of this author, as far as he is aware, that a crowd of White citizens and a classic toyi-toying crowd of worked-up African Blacks faced off chest-to-chest in South Africa. I cannot think of an event in South African history where that happened before. The EFF discovered the hard way that the presence of some 40 million Black people in the country did NOT actually help them when facing a determined group of White people, however small.

The farmers have made their point and have found their Voice. The intimidated Whites have finally seen that they can DO stuff if they stand together. They have maintained their momentum now for some three weeks, following up Senekal 1 and Senekal 2 with the Black Monday Protests all over the country. They have clearly caused the ANC to run scared. The ANC has been dreading the Rise of the Afrikaner in particular, for 26 years. Ironically, through their ineptitude, their incompetence, their corruption, their callous racist policies, and their brazen disregard of the hell the farmers are living, they have themselves roused the dog they had hoped to keep asleep. Moreover, the Secessionists of the Cape and the Boerestaat (Boer State) people of the Free State and Transvaal, previously political opponents, have also decided to work together. I have prayed for that for years.

The ANC has been forced to sit up and at least pretend to listen. The president stands, or sits, as the case may be, exposed as a racist liar. There clearly ARE white farmers being murdered in South Africa—around two per recent week, some 3-4,000 in total since the advent of Mandela—despite his denials to Bloomberg News. White, Black and Coloured have been united against these outrageous torture murders. Malema has gone back home with his mob. All in all, the Police handled the situation better than the Police Departments in Liberal American cities and no buildings were torched.

The Minister of Police has begged the farmers for three weeks to investigate their charges that his local Police are part of the local crime ring. If the farmers believe that anything will come of that, they might as well believe the moon is a cheese factory. It is far more likely that Minister Cele is himself a beneficiary of the work of that crime ring. Such is the nature of the of South Africa the ANC has created.

The Hitlerite Malema has shown himself to be a coward, and has achieved nothing except to unite people of all races against himself. Senekal has united Whites, Coloureds, and ordinary Blacks against the outrages of the ANC’s kept handmaiden, the EFF. For the first time ever in the New South Africa, Black people lined the streets with signs reading “Enough is Enough” and “Boer Lives Matter”, referring to farm murders. A vivid example of the reaction is THIS Coloured lady. Her name is Fatima Abdool, and she pours her heart out in English and Afrikaans, pretty much simultaneously. There is enough English for the non-South African reader to follow. She captures much of what normal humans in South Africa are thinking.

For the first time in 26 years there is a glimmer of hope…. IF THE MOMENTUM CAN BE MAINTAINED. At the same time, arsonists have started burning down the northern Free State Province, literally instigated thereto by the EFF at their Senekal “rally”. No fewer than 339 farms have been set ablaze and one young farmer, Tewie (Matthew) Nel, is fighting for his life in Bloemfontein hospital, suffering from severe burns.

Six more farmers have been murdered between the death of Brendin on 1 October and 12 November.

For decent civilized people the world over, the time has come to apply pressure on their political representatives to force their governments to take action against the ANC Government of South Africa. The regular people of South Africa have finally and at last shown their readiness to take action. In particular, it is time our closest cousins, the Americans, made their voices heard. It was the US Congress in 1986 that forced South African Whites to accept ANC overlordship even while their own President Reagan was putting this ANC cabal on the US Terrorist List (see page 129). That body cannot now look away and wash its hands of the consequences of its actions, like Pontius Pilate (see image).

3 thoughts on “Senekal o’ Senekal: Outrage at South African Communists & Farm Murders Explodes”

  1. The dreadful torture murders of farmers and their families including children and babies are known to many despite MSM suppression. As one friend from Illinois said to me something along the lines ” I have met several South African whites and they were all good, decent people”. Good people of all races must unite to fight the leftist instigators and race baiters, whether in S.Africa, USA or anywhere

  2. Dankie Harry,

    As a born and bred South African now an American citizen I salute you for getting the truth out there since the MSM are going out of their way to ignore and suppress it. With my travels through the USA do I get the impression that a lot of people already know about this,but just on a very superficial level. They are always shocked when I tell them what is really going on by providing some graphic detail.My family has a farm just outside of Zeerust NW next to Mosega. My stepmother and her first husband bought the farm about 55 years ago and built it up from nothing to a beautiful place. After many assaults and murders in the immediate vicinity we kids decided to remove my dad and stepmother (aged 80 at the time) from the farm. As you can imagine,that was not a happy scene but we saw no alternative. Long story short ,we can’t give the farm away due to all the uncertainty in SA and this beautiful place it going to the dogs . Nobody is now farming it.

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