Creating One-Room School Houses in Churches Across America

Imagine how different America, her churches, and her families would look if instead of radicalized government schools, Christians established traditional one-room school houses all across the nation. One woman, Alethia Christian College Academic Dean Dr. Diane Davis, is working to bring that about.

In this interview with The Liberty Sentinel’s Alex Newman on his daily Frank Speech TV show The Sentinel Report, Davis explains why one-room school houses can and must be brought back to provide children with a Bible-centered education. She is offering classes on that right now.

Davis, who serves on the advisory board of Public School Exit, has decades of experience in education, including as a teacher, establishing a Christian school, and advanced graduate degrees in the field. She also has experience teaching children of different ages in the same classroom, and it works, she tells The Sentinel Report.

Watch the full interview in the second half of the episode:

Before bringing Dr. Davis on, Alex broke down the news stories of the day, including:

–Just as Alex warned last week was going to happen, major retailers and executives are now begging Congress to pass a federal law against organized retail crime. The end goal is a national and even global police force to replace America’s traditional system of local policing.

–Government’s official numbers claim inflation is 7 percent, but in reality it’s probably twice that.

–The National School Board Association (NSBA) has lost 17 states, 40 percent of its budget. If your state is still a member, work on getting them out, Alex says.

–Rupert Murdoch, head of controlled opposition Fox News and News Corp who helped ensure Biden’s fraudulent election, just bought a $200 million, 350,000 acre ranch in Montana. Many other elites are buying similar properties. What do they know that you don’t?

–Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed $8 million in the state budget to fund the relocation of illegal immigrants being shipped into Florida by the Biden regime over to Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard.

–Florida’s liberty-minded governor is also promoting a “constitutional carry” gun bill, which would allow Florida to join the other 23 states that do not require citizens to ask government for permission to exercise their right to keep and bear arms.

–California Governor Gavin Newsom threatened to ban assault weapons the way Texas banned abortions. “We will work to create the ability for private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts in California,” the governor’s office said in a statement on Sunday. Of course, he pretends to misunderstand the issue. Texas is PROTECTING the right to life. California’s governor is proposing an INFRINGEMENT on the rights of Californians.

–A massive urea shortage caused by Chinese export ban could threaten supply chains, since many diesel trucks require it (thanks to government regulations) for emissions purposes. This could also affect the food supply, since this chemical is critical for agriculture.

–A discharge petition (Discharge Petition No. 8) for H.R. 3860 (Rep. Massie’s bill to end Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate for members of the military) would allow Congress to bypass Nancy Pelosi and protect U.S. troops from Biden’s vax mandates.

–This affects you too: Double injected will soon be considered unvaxxed, according to Fauci and other criminals.

– just published a major piece by international diplomat Don Alltoada on the dictatorship of “Vaccine-ism” and the weaponization of fear to promote tyranny. Don’t miss it!

–The Biden administration and its radical allies in Congress are plotting to spend hundreds of billions of dollars getting children ages 3 and 4 in “universal” government-run pre-Kindergarten while taking over the existing architecture. The purpose: Ensure children are indoctrinated even earlier with extremist ideologies being pushed by government schools while crushing faith-based care providers.

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  1. Atheists don’t send their children to an evangelical Christian Sunday School one hour per week, but Christians send their children to the atheist public schools 30 hours per week. I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow their children to be indoctrinated in the public schools. We must rescue our children!

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