Crumbling Climate Deception: Reporting From The UN’s COP28 in Dubai

Reporting on the ground from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, international journalist Alex Newman and rancher Debbie Bacigalupi cover the true agenda, with receipts, of what globalist leaders are endeavoring to accomplish through climate policies and initiatives. 

So-called “man-made climate change” is the “why” behind the enemies of the United States calling for a global carbon tax, the shutting down of countless American manufacturing plants, cutting off the use of invaluable natural fossil fuels, and the destruction of farms, Newman reveals. If the United Nations is not stopped, it will eradicate individual and national sovereignty. The climate agenda is not about climate; it is about control. 

Additionally, Newman covers presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy’s must-see takedown of the “god of climate,” the mainstream media’s knee-jerk reaction, and John Kerry’s haughty position that no politician, even Donald Trump, can stop the “transformation” to come. 

3 thoughts on “Crumbling Climate Deception: Reporting From The UN’s COP28 in Dubai”

    1. Climate change has been going on for billions of years so it’d be silly to suggest we can stop that now.

      Regarding globalization? That will never totally disappear, but it will be greatly reduced in the not-too-distant future. Arguably the thing that made globalization (especially in the form of trade) a possibility was a large and capable USA Navy. Our Navy is still capable, but it is simply no longer big enough (number of hulls) to secure all the sea trade lanes so there will be increased piracy and obstructive actions by state actors and that will make insurance too high and profit too low.

      This de-globalization will be really hard on China – both in terms of getting the items they need to assemble and then shipping the assembled goods for export to the USA and others.

      Again, globalization isn’t likely to die soon but it is likely to be increasingly anemic. The USA will have to make many adjustments but it is arguably the country least dependent on imports if it will get obstructionists such as Creepy Joe out of the way.

  1. That’s okay, our liberals will never stop. They want us all dead anyway. I hope the rapture is real. It would really be comical looking down watching all these dead people trying to cope without us.

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