Deep State Caught SPYING on Congress, AGAIN!

The Deep State forces within the U.S. Department of Justice were spying on members of Congress and their staff as lawmakers investigated DOJ wrongdoing in the scandals involving spying on Trump and his campaign, according to a House Committee cited by The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this week’s episode of Behind The Deep State. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan wrote to a number of Big Tech companies including Apple, Google and more to hand over private communications of those involved in the investigation. But as The New American has exposed for years, this is hardly the first time weaponized government has been caught spying on Congress and even tampering with evidence.

In fact, when lawmakers were investigating CIA torture, the CIA reportedly hacked into congressional computers to delete evidence and documents, drawing ire from Democrats. Meanwhile, the “intelligence community” continues to behave lawlessly, with its leaders even bragging about working to “take out” the elected president of the United States and assassinate people based on their “metadata.” This MUST end, says Alex.

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