Deep State Plan Behind Coronavirus & Floyd Riots

Did you hear the one about how they found the cure for COVID? It’s a riot!

So jokes Liberty Sentinel editor Alex Newman in this speech at the “Villagers for Trump” meeting in The Villages, Florida, which has one of the most active and well-attended Trump clubs.

In this hit talk, which was given twice due to the crowd being too large to do in one sitting, Newman exposes the Deep State agenda behind both the coronavirus hysteria and the orchestrated riots following the death of George Floyd.

Among other topics related to COVID19, Newman exposes the various war-game scenarios and exercises. These include the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 report “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” imagining a global pandemic and claiming tyranny was the solution. It also includes the Event 201 at Johns Hopkins funded by Bill Gates.

Newman also exposes the many links between the coronavirus hysteria and the billionaire Deep State operatives, as well as their agendas on vaccines, tracking, digital IDs, contact tracing, and more.

Other topics include the United Nations World Health Organization and its subversive role in seeking to globalize medical and health governance, and even splitting up families.

Alex speaking at the Villagers for Trump meeting.

Finally, on the riots surrounding the death of George Floyd, Newman breaks down how the Deep State is funding all the key organizations involved, including Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the Sunrise Movement, and more.

All of it is leading humanity toward what globalists refer to as the “New World Order,” as Newman points out before showing videos of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden all calling for one.

The speech expands on an earlier talk Newman gave last week to the Eagle Forum of California on the tyranny being brought in under the guise of coronavirus.

Naturally, before ending, Newman offers a few Bible verses to give context to what is happening–a spiritual war–and to encourage the faithful to persevere.

“I do have really, really good news,” Newman concludes. “I’ve read the end of the Book, and we win.”

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