Defeating Anti-Life Ideology: One Overcomer’s Story

In this episode of The Sentinel Report, Alex is joined by Courtenay Turner, the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” and an aerial acrobatic performer.

Courtenay was born with congenital rubella. Her mother had the German measles during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some of the ramifications include, but are not limited to, unilateral blindness, severe bilateral hearing impairment, hypotonia affecting the limbs, heart complications, asymmetrical bone development, stunted growth, poor fine and graphic motor coordination, and several other afflictions. They told her mother the best she could hope for was to find a nice institution in which to spend her life. Surmounting that dire prognosis drove her fascination with the human psyche. She believes humans are capable of so much more than most realize and can defy the greatest odds!

Many infants in Courtenay’s situation are aborted and murdered, but because of the brave decision to live that her mother made, Courtenay is able to tell her story and inspire thousands today.

Alex and Courtenay discuss her unique and inspiring pro-life story and much more in this special episode of The Sentinel Report!

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In the news, Alex and Andrew cover:

1— U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) introduced the “End Birthright Citizenship Fraud Act of 2023″ on Tuesday, in an effort to end what he termed “unqualified birthright citizenship.” The legislation seeks to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to reflect the 14th Amendment’s “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” clause, which Gaetz contended in his statement is widely misinterpreted today. Every year in the United States, nearly 400,000 “anchor babies” are born and automatically declared Americans.

2– JPMorgan Chase Bank terminated the accounts of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s healthcare company and its employees with no valid explanation, fueling suspicions of political persecution. The doctor gained a significant following during the COVID pandemic for challenging the official policies and narratives and for selling supplements for the treatment and prevention of COVID. He also ranked No. 1 on the “Disinformation Dozen” list of the Biden administration. Some employees believe the decision was politically motivated against Mercola over his stance on COVID-19.

Dr. Mercola tweeted Tuesday night, “Chase Bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They’ve refused to provide any reason for doing so, the oldest account has been active for 18 years.”

3– Biden’s nominee for the top Pentagon job is an unapologetic DEI activist. Biden has appointed Charles Q. Brown to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), which is the primary advisor in military matters to the president, Department of Defense, Homeland Security Council, and National Security Council. Brown pushes DEI in euphemistic terms that are appealing to the public and allude to fairness and equal opportunity. But in truth, DEI is a cultural Marxist scheme to push racial tensions by highlighting identity, class, and race rather than merit and character.

4—Multiple UK news outlets blame the COVID-19 clot shot injuries on the heatwave.

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