DeSantis Calls for Convention of States for Congressional Term Limits

By D. Michael DeRidder

Originally published at The New American.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called upon other state legislators to propose a constitutional amendment that would impose term limits on members of congress.

DeSantis posted the announcement on X, stating, “We need term limits for members of Congress. Florida has already certified a proposed amendment under Article V of the Constitution and other states are poised to follow suit. At the invitation of the U.S. Term Limits organization, I traveled today to encourage other state legislators to follow Florida’s lead and pass a resolution to call for a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. We will never turn our country around if we don’t change the incentives in DC. Term limits are supported by huge majorities of Americans — it’s time to make it happen!”

Those who oppose an Article V Convention say DeSantis’ proposal goes against the intent of the Founding Fathers, who believed frequent elections were a more effective check on power, and many also believe a modern day Constitutional Convention would result in chaos.

Alex Newman, a senior editor for The New Americanwrote in response on X, “Calling a constitutional convention for any reason is a recipe for disaster, as leftists and globalists will seek to shred our #Constitution. Term limits will not result in better politicians… we need an educated and moral electorate to enforce the Constitution & vote better.”

Imposing term limits wouldn’t just force out corrupt politicians. Good leadership would also be removed from Washington. Newman also responded on X, saying, “If Pelosi was removed by term limits, do you suppose her district would send the next George Washington? Of course not — they’d send somebody just like Pelosi, maybe worse!”

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    A convention of states is not limited to just one issue, but opens up the entire Constitution to revision.

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