FEDS WORKING TOWARD A “COMPLETE CONTROL SYSTEM.”  In March 2022 our Overlord In Chief, Joe Biden, signed an Executive Order to hasten the process of converting cash controlled by YOU into binary code (AKA digital currency, AKA Fed Coin) controlled by the Federal Government.

December 1, 2022, the Federal Reserve launched its pilot project with its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) program by starting a 12-week test run.  The test run will be finished by the end of February.  On July 1, 2023, our overlords will launch the “FedNow Service” which will be the infrastructure for CBDC, thus putting America one step closer to totalitarianism.

FedNow Service won’t go nationwide until the federal tyrants have connected it to all our banks and sucked up all OUR money. Americans have the power to stop or greatly slow down this Marxist takeover of our economy if we act NOW. SEE BELOW

There are now 40% fewer ATM machines than in 2015.  ATMs are disappearing, on average, at a rate of 1.5 per day.  And Big Bank is quietly closing branches.  They know that our federal overlords are moving to a system where cash will not exist.  And “bank customers” will no longer exist.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this video. An explanation of our overlords’ plans to destroy our freedom begins at the 31-minute mark:



When cash is outlawed, not only will Americans lose almost all of our privacy, the Federal Government will, via a HUGE central bank, be in complete control of how/when/where you spend YOUR hard-earned money.  Un-named, Un-elected Bureaucrats dwelling in luxury in or near the DC Swamp will be in complete control of every aspect of our lives, big & small, and there will be nothing you and I can do about it short of armed rebellion by the masses.

Not only will our overlords decide how/when/where Americans spend our money, they will decide when & where you can walk/drive to.  For example, THEY, not you, will decide whether you shop at a local grocery store & pay sales tax, or whether you drive 15 miles to a location where there is no sales tax.  Indeed, just like in China, our overlords will decide IF YOU CAN BUY GROCERIES AT ALL.

Each time you want to spend YOUR money on necessities OR frivolities, you won’t know if your overlords will allow you to.  Can you buy that winter coat, pay your heating bill, buy gasoline, eat a steak, rent a car, reserve a motel room, book a flight, et al?  Never mind trying to buy ammo because you live in a “de-fund the police” zone.  The Second Amendment will be the FIRST freedom denied to you, bulldozed into the ash heap of history. 

You will become accustomed to error messages such as: “You have exceeded your monthly carbon footprint allowance for February, try again in March.  Or, “You bought twice as much gas this month as you did last month.  Your access to government resources is hereby suspended until we receive a satisfactory explanation.”

As time goes on, debit cards will be outlawed.  Each of us will be forced to submit to injection of a chip in our arm, head or perhaps buttocks. (Humor is needed here.)  Don’t want that?  Fine, you can starve to death.  YOU will have NO access to YOUR money.  Indeed, can it even be called “your money” when YOU have no control over it?


The federal bureaucracy is staffed with Leftists, Progressives, Marxists and Communists.  Under the Biden Administration they have already begun the process of outlawing the use of credit or debit cards to buy firearms, ammo, et al. 

Since our overlords won’t need to account to the masses for their decisions, Americans will never know the amount of his or her monthly allowance.  Indeed, it is likely that the allowance could change minute to minute to control each individual.  It may depend upon what the overlords need so that THEY can live in luxury.  The allowance for someone labeled “conservative” is likely to be lower than for someone labeled “liberal.”  Will illegal aliens receive a higher allowance than American citizens?  And, of course, one’s skin hue will likely determine how much one receives each month. 

Once cash is outlawed, it will be just a matter of time, very little time, before Americans will be little more than serfs, with our federal overlords literally making all decisions about how/when/where we spend our money, how we live and IF we live.  All of “your money” will be little symbols existing in cyberspace and completely controlled by the Federal Government.


What can Americans do to stop this, or slow it down?  STOP using your debit card for purchases!  Stop NOW!  Get into the habit, like I did a year ago, of regularly going to an ATM or your bank branch and withdrawing cash.  If someone gives you cash DO NOT DEPOSIT IT INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. If you receive a check take it to your bank and convert it into cash instead of depositing it.  And stop using your credit card!  Use cash for as many of your purchases as you can.  This is a little inconvenient, but fighting for our freedom has always been inconvenient for patriots.

Get all your money out of Big Banks.*  Do ALL your banking with small, local banks and credit unions.  It will be harder for our overlords to develop a nationwide, centralized system if significant numbers of Americans keep their money in local, INDEPENDENT banks. After decades of banking with Key Bank, we closed our last account last year. We moved our banking business to a local credit union. Yes, our credit union still has ATMs!

This behavior will have two HUGE benefits:

1)   Our federal overlords can’t spy on your purchases, which tells them a lot about your lifestyle & habits, and also gives them your location each time you swipe your debit or credit card.

2)   Tell your friends.  The more of us who adopt this habit, the harder it will be for our overlords to set up their draconian cashless society.  According to the experts, by using cash, we can slow down and perhaps stop cash’s disappearance.

You think you have “rights?” Ha! They will be wiped out the very minute cash is outlawed.

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