Do or Die: Retaking US From ‘Corrupt Elites’ & Fixing Worldview

As the nation enters a period of growing crisis on multiple fronts, it has never been more important for courageous Americans to retake the nation from “corrupt elites,” argues internationally acclaimed author and journalist Will Witt in this interview with Alex Newman on Liberty Hour for AMP News about his book “Do Not Comply.”

Witt, who dropped out of college to work for PragerU and has since launched The Florida Standards, offers keen insights into both the problem and the solution. He also touches on key issues such as the media, transhumanism, and more. Most importantly, he gives concrete tips on what YOU can do.

Next up, Dr. Duke Pesta, director of the FreedomProject Academy, breaks down the horror show that has become the “education” system. Among other topics, Alex and Duke discuss Oregon’s decision to drop ALL reading, writing, and math requirements for high-school graduation. Duke also addresses the racial madness that has overtaken education.

Finally, Nehemiah Institute President Daniel Smith joins Liberty Hour to discuss the importance of worldview in explaining everything happening now. America was built by people with a biblical worldview, and yet today people who hold such views are an endangered species. There is no way to fix the mess without addressing this, he says.

In news, Alex offers unique insights on the new speaker of the House, the Middle East conflict and its domestic manifestations, the revolution taking place in the Catholic Church, Gov. Newsom’s trip to China, and more.

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