Donald Trump Convicted on 34 Counts While Government Moves to Destroy Cash

Alex Newman tackles America’s biggest issues head-on in this episode of The Sentinel Report. In the news, Newman covers the “guilty verdict” of Donald Trump, plus Louisiana passing legislation that would ban the implementation of policies or edicts from the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), and World Economic Forum (WEF) in the Pelican State.

Next up on the show, Aaron Day, the author of the book The Final Countdown: Crypto, Gold, Silver, and the People’s Last Stand Against Tyranny by Central Bank Digital Currencies, joins Newman to break down, in detail, why crypto has been attacked while offering an update on the fight to destroy central bank digital currency.

Finally, Matthew Rhodes, a field coordinator for The John Birch Society, steps into the program to share some history behind the organization’s founder, Robert Welch, and what he is doing to further Welch’s legacy through a book club.

1 thought on “Donald Trump Convicted on 34 Counts While Government Moves to Destroy Cash”

  1. If the U.S. doesn’t get Biden & his partners in crime – all of the Dems) out of power, America goes down the toilet.
    At present, America is the laughing stock of the world!

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