Dr. E Michael Jones: Logos is Rising, BUT So Is PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!

Dr. E Michael Jones has been labeled a “controversial” academic, so most people do not want to engage with him. We built a platform so that people would not be silenced and could debate ideas. E Michael Jones talks about how we got to the place where “scientists” are now put in priest-like positions, his new book, and the censorship that will inevitably lead to violence. Help join the fastest growing Liberty Movement, share, email, and be a part of the conversation at www.libertysentinel.org!

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8/25/2020- “Logos Rising”– Logic is rising; but is it rising fast enough? In “Logos Rising: A History of Ultimate Reality”, author and educator, Dr. E Michael Jones attempts to explain the revolution that is going on today. How did the technocrats get in charge of who gets to speak and who does not? Since when do we believe everything someone with a white lab coat, or on TV, says? How did this psychological warfare start being waged against our open Western culture? These questions need to be answered historically. Information and dialogue is the only way of breaking our bondage to the “narrative”.

Dr. Jones attempts to put explanations to these questions in his new book that you can purchase at www.culturewars.com or by clicking this link. Most people have heard the negative things that are said about Dr. Jones, but as he has said in our previous interviews, “I can only give you the CEO version. You’ll have to read the book to find out if I’m lying or not.”

“Logos Rising” is an 800 page, well cited, attempt to explain how
“scientists”, charlatans, and technocrats took over our open society. Dr. Jones tries to explain the “1984-style” mind control that we are under right now through our blind trust in perceived-authority, accepting censorship of all debate, and subversion of common sense. It is an attempt to have the reader look at the world in a very different way than they have before while explaining the full history of science and religion.

From the beginning of recorded history, writing of the Christian Gospels, discovery of time, and the beginning of science to the time of atheistic eugenicists like Darwin, Hegel, and Nietzsche hijacking the scientific narrative, this is a full attempt to explain how we ended up under totalitarianism. “We are in a revolution”, Dr. Jones tells us in the interview, but this revolution could have never come about without the logical flaws of Marx, Darwin, Galton, and those “pseudo-scientists” who have helped bring this totalitarian revolution upon us. We are being tricked into compliance through this soft-coup.

Nothing happens by mistake. Nothing comes from absolute nothingness. That is obvious, but this is the narrative that is openly taught and accepted today by our top “scientists” then taught to our children. We are now in a situation where if you question the mainstream propaganda, you are silenced or called names. There is no more room for debate. The oligarchs have decided that we no longer matter, despite any of our credentials.

The goal of “Logos Rising” is to put an explanation to how we allowed this level of mind control in a “free society”, but it is also how we restore our institutions and get back to a logic-based society. It will arm you with the history to expose the flaws in logic that we have accepted for too long. This does not mean we look to silence our critics. It simply allows us to have the information available to fight back against some of these eugenics-based narratives that have become accepted in our daily lives.

We hope you enjoy our full interview and read the book for yourself to make up your own mind. Which worldview makes more sense? Is it the worldview the Dr. Jones presents in “Logos Rising” or the one they are teaching to your kids right now in school through “common core”? I recommend you judge the book for yourself, and I list it as a “must read” if you want to have any opinion on Catholicism or Dr. Jones’ work.

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