We Tried To Warn People For Years…It IS Time to Unite

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This was the first interview we did with Dr. E Michael Jones in 2019. It is the first time someone was willing to speak up about the tactics of the ADL, and how they were silencing people. Before that, people were scared of being called an anti-semite. A year later, you tell us if we were wrong. Some of us got fired, but it opened the door to the conversation, and that led to the other 50 interviews that we will be uploading soon. Silencing speech is mind control, and it won’t be long until this affects your life. 

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8/27/20- We tried to warn people. We are not the first, but because of your support, we continue to be able to do it. Prior to any work at Liberty Sentinel, there was a podcast on eugenics, human experiments, and psychological warfare. There was one principle; no idea was too crazy, and you had to bring proof of your argument. No one was silenced.

From working internally at companies that were openly discussing silencing ideas, it seemed obvious that shutting down debate would only lead to violence. Despite a factual show on the human experiments that were carried out on unknowing Americans, it was banned repeatedly. If it was not banned, it would not show up in your feed.

We turned that eugenics podcast into an experiment. We would see what the mainstream media, fact-checkers, and politicians wanted banned, and we would immediately go after those topics. Then we would try to promote them and see what reason Google would give us for not taking our money. We tried to force ideas to people we knew would disagree so that we could see their reaction. The view counts would go up, but there never was any interaction. This was suspicious, and it raised another question. Can you even pay Google to reach an audience, or does it simply make your videos look like they are going out to people while they collect a check? The same experience happened on Facebook. More people would join the group, and no one would ever interact.

Just before the show was completely banned from Facebook, YouTube, and the experiment was over, an email was sent to Dr. E Michael Jones and Alex Newman. Dr. Jones did not know a thing about the show or how banned it was. It was sent from the back office of a company that was planning on a censorship campaign. Within minutes, a reply came that we booked an interview for the next day. This was a blessing because, for months, we had tried to book every scientist and victim we could to continue exposing the underlying eugenics program in America. During this time, the mainstream media was putting out “hits” on authors, trying to censor books, and calling for Dr. Jones’ arrest. They said his books would cause violence no matter how many times he repeated that “non-violence was the only answer”.

Dr. Jones appeared like he promised. We spoke about God, eugenics, the history of Darwinism, and more. Then, without knowing me, he replayed it on a much larger platform which led to the show going viral and staying alive. When I was fired for it, he told me “God had a plan for my life”, which kept the motivation to continue with a real show. There would be no “UTN|The Globalist Report” with Alex Newman today if that had never happened.

From then on, we put censorship to the test. We booked over 50 guests on every topic, and most of those interviews got banned or throttled. Now, we have you to help us share what we have been talking about this for a very long time, and we look to upload all of those banned interviews to PodBean between our live shows in the coming months for free.

All of this only succeeds if you get involved. You have to show up to events. Share things you find important. Make connections with people. Be persistent. Support what you love, or it will go away. The interview we replayed today was going to be my first and last interview. However, it opened the door to Alex Newman coming on, and numerous other guests following. Neither one of us get paid to do this. You can help support us at www.patreon.com/UTN, but it is not a requirement. Just getting the word out about our show helps in email chains, social media, or by word of mouth.

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Take what you find important, and ignore what you think is outrageous. The goal is to understand the person behind the ideas, and we do not ever silence anyone. We only win this war with the Cultural Marxists if we can find a way to communicate and unite.

God Bless you. Never let anyone silence your voice.

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