Canadians Protest COVID19 Extremism, Media Ignores

Thousands of Canadians protested against mandatory face masks and other coronavirus-inspired government extremism outside Parliament.

The media virtually ignored it. The little that was said about the demonstration was aimed at demonizing protesters.

However, popular Christian TV host Laura-Lynn Thompson streamed it on her channel from Ottawa.

“We are not anti-mask at all, we are pro-liberty,” explained Kelly Anne Wolfe, the executive director of The Line Canada, a group that organized the protest, in one of the few articles about the demonstration. 

“If you want to wear a mask or a tutu, we have nothing to say about that,” added Wolfe. “That is your right. You do not have a right to put one on my face or the face of my children. It’s as simple as that.”

Similar rallies took place in Paris, Berlin, and other major cities.

The most interesting 15 minutes of the Canada protest start at the 2:10:00 mark when the speakers from VAX Choice Canada came up to talk about “the medical police state” being set up.

Other speakers included local celebrities, students as young as 13 and 14 objecting to being oxygen-deprived for 6 hours per day at school, and more. A school teacher and other speakers also discussed “re-thinking the education system.”

According to Laura-Lynn, national news media and the government-run CBC did not cover the 6,000-person strong rally, instead reporting on a 100 person BLM rally.

The Parliament Hill 24 hour live cam was even shut off in order to hide the protest.

Other rallies in Canada are scheduled for September 12th.

Watch Laura-Lynn’s video below.

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