Dr. Jane Ruby: mRNA Vaccines and Surviving Post-COVID America

Big Pharma is pushing mRNA vaccines and widely untested technology down the throats of healthy Americans.

“What is going on with the mRNA injections?” Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel founder and CEO, asked Dr. Ruby. “It seems like some of the batches were really deadly, at least looking at the data we have seen… What is going on with this?” 

“The dissemination of this mRNA poison, this material, which is not for human use, I can tell you that, has not ended. It is continuing,” answered Dr. Ruby, a graduate of the University of Rochester. “It is continuing only in disguise… I can promise you, most if not all by now of the seasonal flu shots that are distributed right now in the United States and across the world do contain that [mRNA] technology,” Dr. Ruby diagnosed. 

In this must-see exclusive interview for American Media Periscope, Alex Newman interviews Dr. Jane Ruby, a medical economist, healthcare researcher, and pharmaceutical development expert, to discuss COVID-19, mRNA vaccines, flu shots, blood clots, and much more. 

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