ENGINEERED WAR: Fastest Path to Controlling Us | Alex Newman

The state of Oregon is cracking down on small farmers. This government action is the latest in a string of movements around the country resulting in the centralization of the food supply. In addition to controlling the food supply, the greatest way to control a population is through war and the threat of crises. Epoch Times contributor Alex Newman makes the case that seemingly disparate events are all planned to accomplish global control of the population.

2 thoughts on “ENGINEERED WAR: Fastest Path to Controlling Us | Alex Newman”

  1. “ENGINEERED WAR: Fastest Path to Controlling Us ” —As originally shown by George Orwell in “1984” !!!

  2. Police are public enemy number one. Pigs are, and have ALWAYS been, PROFESSIONAL OBSTRUCTORS OF JUSTICE. Pigs don’t enforce laws on their buddies and bosses, only on the peasantry.

    Without armed government goons, the schemes of the totalitarian fascist leftist filth would be irrelevant.

    Real Americans don’t cop suck. Stop it already.

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