Erratic Elections and Evading Cancellation: Mike Lindell with Alex Newman – Focal Point

With the 2024 election hastily approaching, election security should be at the forefront of every voter’s mind. Can we really trust our elections? In an interview with Alex Newman on Focal Point for AMP, MyPillow CEO and FrankSpeech Founder Mike Lindell tackles the issue head on.

“Quit watching Fox News; that’s number one,” said Lindell. “They are not going to talk about the election crimes or the successes that we have out there,” the former adviser to President Trump explained. 

Paper ballots, transparency, and voter IDs are some of the ways that we can secure our elections, said Lindell.

As the founder of FrankSpeech Media, Lindell challenged Americans to use alternative media platforms to share facts and data that Facebook, YouTube, CNN, and other propaganda machines might censor and restrict. “Get on every platform. . .I don’t care if you have 30 followers. . .share it [truth and hope] everywhere,” said the MyPillow entrepreneur.

Lindell, the author of What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict To CEO, also announced for the first time in this must-see exclusive interview with Alex Newman, that he will be selling stocks from his media company, FrankSpeech, to the public. “I’m going to be offering stocks from FrankSpeech to the public,” Lindell revealed “. . .I want to take the money and expand on our voice.”

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