Expect Global COOLING, Warns Top Climate Scientist

Humanity should expect colder temperatures worldwide in the coming decades thanks to variations in solar activity, and CO2 does not control or even significantly impact global climate, according to leading astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon.

In an already-viral interview with Alex Newman for The New American magazine’s Conversations That Matter that has been picked up by Breitbart and leading climate websites, Dr. Soon demolishes much of the scare-mongering peddled by man-made global-warming theorists.

Dr. Soon, affiliated with Hungary’s Planetary Earth Science Institute and other organizations, noted that the climate alarmists are spreading disinformation on everything from wild fires to the influence of carbon dioxide on temperatures.

Indeed, CO2 is the gas of life, he says, and is only a “bit player” at most in the climate system and weather.

In this interview, Dr. Soon also discusses some of the failed predictions of the climate catastrophe advocates and notes that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) is not to be trusted.

3 thoughts on “Expect Global COOLING, Warns Top Climate Scientist”

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    Armored Avenger

    Mr. Newman, I’m envious of you for having the time to talk with Dr. Soon. What an amazing man !! He’s spot on accurate with his research and papers. Our solar system is a living active group of planets and a star, where each planet plays its own part, along with our star, the sun. I am a Ham Radio Operator, and I know too well how much the sun affects pretty much everything on planet earth. Our planets temperature, and our communications are directly influenced by our Sun. The sun goes through Solar Cycles, such as Solar Maximums, and Solar Minimums. And through these cycles, the Sun developes Sun Spots that appear on its surface. Those Sun Spots play a major part in communications and the temperatures on Earth. All the excitement over CO2 is total junk science, which is being magnified by the junk scientists who are brown nosing with politicians, in order to push a control agenda on everyone else’s
    lives on the planet. As Dr. Soon states, they are manipulating the figures to match the science, the politicians want. Earth has seen greater temperatures than were currently experiencing right now. We’re the Dinosaurs responsible for global warming during their time on earth ?? We didn’t have automobiles during the prehistoric period, so how does one equate the high levels of temperatures and CO2 from that period ?? One thing for certain AL Gore, the CO2 whore doesn’t know anything, but how to lie like a politician. It’s been proven through fossil and ice records, of what Earth has historically gone through. Charging people and industry a Carbon Tax, is akin to charging for the water we drink and the air we breath. CO2 is, as Dr. Soon stated, as many others have stated, that CO2 is a necessary gas required for healthy plant growth. Why do so many greenhouse growers use compressed CO2 in their greenhouses ?? It sure ain’t being used for insect or rodent control, it’s used exclusively for healthy, rapid plant growth. If we really want to control CO2, then we need to stop the massive destruction and deforestation of all of our forests. The greenies and environmentalists have caused more harm, by stopping active sustained logging. They’ve failed to halt the massive destruction of the temperate and rainforest, just so greedy corporations can plant plams for palm oil, or soybeans, or corn, or wheat and rice, most of it to feed animals. Instead of destroying our forests and expanding those lands for cattle feed, hog production etc, and to feed the masses, why not shut down the human baby factories in third world nations and everywhere else, it’s all those mouths requiring more food. Our planet is already heavily overpopulated. Are we just going to run headlong into Overpopulation and decimate more forests, just to feed more people ?? In 10 years, we won’t have enough clean water to drink or to water our crops. ( watch the program H2O, the molecule that made us ) More people means more automobiles and more useless junk produced by more corporations and more water consumption. Part of what humans are doing is destroying the planet … think Mars !! Do we really want to turn the only planet we currently know of, that supposedly has ” intelligent ” life into another Mars ?? We have no planet ” B ” … we need to do a better job of protecting and saving what we have, for future generations. And part of that equation requires that we re-forest all those palm oil plantations, our rain forests, our temperat forests, and that we do a better job of maintaining healthy forests. Brazil has done massive damage to the ” lungs ” of our planet, by destroying millions of acres of rain forests. That has a direct impact on our planets weather. Tell the environmentalists to go piss off because they’re part of the problem !! We need to get back to sustainable logging, and controlled burning of all the heavy fuel loads in our forests, because of grossly mismanaged forests. The forest service has badly failed the task they were organized to do. We as humans have failed miserably to take better care of our only home, planet earth. It’s past time to get started, but if we focus on the task, we can do it, and we have the technology to do that. As for battery powered cars and trucks, we’ve been mining a finate source of rare earth minerals to build those batteries, and once they’re worn out, there’s nothing left to do with those toxic dead batteries, but to deposit them in AL Gore’s front yard. We need more and better rapid transit for our cities, which would reduce the need for people to be needlessly driving around in cars. I’m not saying destroy all cars, just use them less, and rely on better transit systems. We’re one of few nations who has high-speed trains. We need to do more, to learn to live with less, because we’re filling up the landfills and our ocean’s with toxic waste and plastics. It’s going to take millions of years for the planet to recycle all that trash and micro plastics. We need to stop building coal fired power plants in China and India and a few other countries, because they are massive air polluters. Return to nuclear power generation, and when it comes time to remove that waste, we could very easily send it to the sun. Let our star dispose of the nuclear waste, unless scientists can prove that would be a very bad idea. But considering our sun runs on nuclear energy, our nuclear waste might be able to extend the life of our sun … or not. But I’ve never heard any real solutions from the scientific community. But we can’t continue storing nuclear waste on our planet.

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      Armored Avenger

      I need to make an error correction !!! America is one of the few nations that DOESN’T HAVE effective rapid transit. Southern California once had the MOST ON TIME rapid transit system in the world, LONG before any other nation. It ran between North Pasadena, all the way down to Santa Monica. Then Standard Oil of California, Firestone Tires, and General Motors convinced the cities to RIP OUT the most on-time, most efficient rapid transit system, rip out the rail system it ran on, and they dumped all those rail cars into the Pacific ocean !! Oh sure .. they made great artificial reefs to attract the fish, but they totally destroyed the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVELY running rapid transit system in the world, so that Standard Oil could supply fuel to the new busses, Firestone could supply the tires for all those stinky, air polluting busses, and General Motors could Build those stinky busses. THAT was the biggest darkest conspiracy ever foisted on Southern California. It was so profitable for those three corporations, it’s criminal. Firestone built the largest, fanciest, most elaborate tire manufacturing plant ever seen. Standard Oil built one of the largest oil companies ever, and General Motors … well we know General Motors, they finally failed and had to be bailed out by the federal government, or dissappear forever. I remember hearing all of this as a boy. My family told me all about the story of this great conspiracy. Very tragic !!!

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