Exposing BlackRock: A Candid Discussion on Freedom, Globalism, and the Biden Administration

Strap in as Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel Founder and CEO, welcomes two formidable guests from Eagle Forum: Anne Schlafly and Chris Ullman. These women continue to wage war against the Equal Rights Amendment, proving that grassroots action is far from obsolete. They share their insights on the power of volunteer women to preserve America’s core values.

On a different front, Alex talks with Margaret Byfield of the American Stewards of Liberty. Margaret discusses her family’s journey defending their land rights against the aggressive environmental agenda and the potential pitfalls of the Biden administration’s 30 by 30 scheme.

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In the news, Alex covers:

1–Are you sick of the woke-ification of corporations pushing an evil agenda on their customers, employees, shareholders, managers, and even directors? BlackRock is the primary vehicle for making this happen. This week, I released a major cover story about BlackRock that exposes this monster and its leader for what they are doing.

2–With over $10 trillion under management, the company is using your own money against you. One of the ways they do this is by voting your shares to force what BlackRock chief Larry Fink calls “behavior change.”  

3–Another way they did this was by partnering with the federal government and the banking cartel deceptively called the “Federal Reserve.” They literally helped them run the bailouts in 2007-08 and again during COVID while buying up politicians and central bankers. It’s hard to tell where the Biden administration begins and BlackRock ends. Brian Deese, then global head of sustainable investing at BlackRock, was chosen by Biden to lead his powerful National Economic Council. Before going to BlackRock, Deese served as a senior advisor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Former BlackRock global chief investment strategist and former Obama official Michael Pyle, meanwhile, was selected as chief economic advisor to Kamala Harris. Another top Biden administration pick, Deputy Treasury Secretary Adewale Adeyemo of Nigeria, previously served as chief of staff to Fink. The revolving door also sees many former government insiders serving at BlackRock. CFR member Thomas Donilon (CFR), chairman of BlackRock Investment Institute, previously served as national security advisor to President Obama. His brother, Mike, is known as the “Biden whisperer” and was the chief strategist for Biden’s campaign. Former SEC bigwig Dalia Osman Blass now serves as BlackRock’s chief of external affairs. When it seemed almost certain that Hillary Clinton would become president, Fink named former Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills to the BlackRock board. 

Bloomberg calls BlackRock the “Fourth Branch of Government.”

4—Fink is also a key member and leader of key organizations I exposed as the “Deep State Behind the Deep State” in my book on the Deep State a few years ago. For example, he’s a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller to promote global technocracy. He’s also on the board of trustees of the World Economic Forum. He is also on the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations. Hillary says she gets orders from them as Secretary of State.

Biden says he works for the President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass.

But the Democrats are not the only guilty party. Dick Cheney played into this as well.

STOP giving BlackRock your money. Many states have now divested, and I’ve interviewed some of the state treasurers behind that movement. YOU can help too! 

5–FBI got an incredible grilling in the House of Representatives this week. I thought about showing you clips of FBI Director Wray under fire, but there was just too much good stuff. Jordan roasted him over an FBI plot to recruit priests to spy on traditional Catholics. Grilled on whether there were federal agents in the crowd on January 6, Rep. Matt Gaetz grilled him on why the FBI has not investigated Biden’s bribery and corruption despite massive evidence and even whistleblowers. Republican Representative Andy Biggs had some DAMNING questions for FBI Director Christopher Wray about allegations that federal agents were on the ground in the crowd on January 6th.

6–Journalist Tom Elliot put together a list of 106 mega-scandals at the FBI, including involvement in the mass murder of Branch Davidians at Waco, including many women and children, spying on the Goldwater campaign, murdering Vicki Weaver in her own house while she was holding her infant daughter in her arms, failing to stop numerous terrorist attacks despite being warned about them, protecting criminals whose last names include Biden and Clinton while terrorizing patriotic Americans connected to Trump, telling Americans to spy on and report their own friends and family, using terrorism resources to terrorize moms and dads who speak out at school boards, etc. NOBODY held accountable. This is now a rogue agency that must be dealt with by Congress. Let’s see if GOP lawmakers have the fortitude to stand firm rather than just make soundbites.

7–Hillariously, FBI asked the public to report crimes.

8–They ended up being overwhelmed as people flooded them with reports of their OWN crimes, reported the Gateway Pundit. ** Spied on President Trump based on phony information. ** Lied to the American people about spying on Trump. ** Hid the Hunter laptop.

** Still can’t find the Hunter laptop. ** Lied about the laptop. ** Lied to the American public during Trump’s impeachment, knowing Trump did nothing wrong. ** Sent operatives to the U.S. Capitol on January 6. ** Infiltrated the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. ** Raided the homes of their political opposition.

** Raided the opposition candidate’s home on junk charges. ** Ignored Hunter Biden’s hundreds of crimes. ** Set up poor white men in Michigan ** Ignored Biden Family treasonous deals. ** Lied about investigating the criminal acts in the 2020 election.

8.5—-House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green is set to release a lengthy report detailing his initial findings of his probe into Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that details ways he believes he broke the law, he told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an exclusive interview. 

Green launched a probe into Mayorkas on June 14, with the initial phase focusing on the DHS secretary’s alleged “dereliction of duty.” Green says the more than 100 pages of findings from the first phase of his ongoing probe will be released within the next couple of weeks. (RELATED: Top GOP Rep Says There’s Evidence The Biden Administration Released Migrants With Chinese Military Ties Into The US) 

“The list of everything that we’ve learned so far in phase one, the dereliction of duty phase, will be published here very shortly. In fact, I’m proofing the final document, which is like 111 pages, but laws that have been violated. In some cases, we believe that Mayorkas has broken the law himself,” Green told the DCNF. 

Green cited several instances where he believes Mayorkas has committed “intentional” and “willful dereliction of duty,” referring to DHS’ use of the CBP One phone application to allow tens of thousands of migrants to enter the country each month through ports of entry at the southern border. He also believes Mayorkas lied to Congress when he asserted that DHS had “operational control” of the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“There’s the lying to Congress, there’s the CBP One app, which is just this big shell game to produce automatic mass parole in violation of the laws passed by Congress. It is a wanton disregard for the separation of powers and the Constitution of the United States,” Green said.

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