Exposing Government Schools All Over National Radio

In a series of two interviews on the national radio show Talkback with the great Chuck Wilder of CRN Digital Talk Radio, educator and author Alex Newman urged parents to rescue their children from government schools as if their lives depended on it.

The two-part interview exposed the indoctrination, the dumbing down, and the sexualization of children. Parents of all political persuasions would be shocked if they knew how bad it had become. Everyone needs to order copies of the Special Report “Rescuing Our Children” to help get the word out, Alex said.

Listen to the interviews here:

Alex also discussed the Special Report on American Freedom Radio with Karen Schoen this week here:

The Special Report was discussed by Alex Newman on the amazing Sons of Liberty radio show on the Genesis Communications Network too (starts at 30 minutes in):

There is also a lot of education talk during this nationally syndicated interview with the great James White of Northwest Liberty News, syndicated by Red State Talk Radio:

Here is an interview with Karen Testerman whose show broadcasts through the American Family Radio (AFR) and stations in New Hampshire:

A number of other recent interviews on this subject can be read and/or watched here: Rescuing Our Children From Indoctrination

To get the full special report Rescuing Our Children in pdf or printed format, or get 100 copies to pass out, click here! Use the promo code EDUCATE19 to get free shipping and handling on your first copy.

Read the first article in Rescuing Our Children at The New American magazine’s website: Rescuing Our Children – And Our Nation.

Many more interviews coming soon! Please help spread the word.

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