Facebook BANS Journalist Alex Newman

Update: On January 31, with no explanation or apology, Facebook emailed a notification to Alex Newman informing him that somebody had “tagged” him. When he tried to log in, it worked.

After banning President Trump and many lesser-known Christian and conservative leaders, the Big Tech oligarchs behind Facebook decided to ban Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman as well.

There was no warning and no reason given for the permanent suspension. Newman was previously put in Facebook “jail” for 30 days after commenting on the obvious voter fraud on election night.

His final post on his “public” page, which had accumulated many thousands of followers after just a couple years with no effort, was of an explosive interview with Dr. Lee Merrit exposing the COVID lies.

“The totalitarians running Facebook are terrified of the truth, and so they seek to silence anyone and everyone who exposes the lies,” said Newman. “Unfortunately for them, truth will prevail no matter how hard they try to stop it.”

The Orwellian Facebook police are getting more and more ruthless in silencing conservatives and Christians.

Commenting in posts on other social media outlets, Newman expressed joy that Facebook and other anti-American Big Tech oligarchs were destroying their own businesses and the Deep State’s surveillance system by purging dissenters.

“Facebook is setting itself up to be the new MySpace,” added Newman. “Young people think it’s a joke–if they even know about it–and older people are tired of being censored and so are leaving in droves. This is not going to end well for Zuckerberg and his fellow tyrants.”

Newman also suggested that shareholders should consider a lawsuit against the company’s executives for breach of fiduciary duty.

After all, destroying shareholder value and wealth to pursue Zuckerberg’s ideological extremism is costing Facebook owners large sums, and there is no legitimate business interest in censoring and infuriating millions of potential consumers.

The award-winning international journalist also celebrated his years-long effort to feed misinformation and disinformation into Facebook’s data system, which steals and then sells data on the company’s users.

“Facebook spies on you, sells your data, and manipulates you. Don’t help them!” was Newman’s bio on the controversial social-media site, which is increasingly associated with leftwing extremism.

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Newman was offered an opportunity to “appeal” the ban by sending Facebook a photo of his government-issued ID, which naturally he refused to do.

“The more these totalitarians seek to silence the truth, the more damage they do to their own companies–and to the American people,” said Newman. “But I’m confident that freedom will succeed in the end.”

While Facebook and other Big Tech oligarchs destroy their companies in their fiendish zeal to silence conservatives and Christians, Newman urged supporters of free speech to follow him and spend their time on new, better platforms that respect users.

Here are some places to go:

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4 thoughts on “Facebook BANS Journalist Alex Newman”

  1. This is a badge of honor better than any award, you know you’re spreading the truth and are a real journalist when mass media tries to censor you keep up the great work Alex 🙏🇺🇸👍

  2. Avatar
    Robert Goodluck Mbenge

    Facebook is not a social media company, it’s a data-gathering and selling company. YOU are the product. You’re better off not wasting any time on there anyway.

  3. I am at heart a Libertarian and confirmed Capitalist. I have watched for 7 decades the destruction of America, the shredding of our Founding documents, and have complete contempt for anyone who does NOT allow the other to PEACEFULLY state their opinion. The corruption in our public education system started in the 1800’s, and it is bearing a “diseased fruit” today. I will not be around to see if the flame of truth still flickers, but hope that it does. I can only hope that the evil that now resides in D.C. “overplays its hand”. and enough upset people, those who are already losing their jobs due to the Socialists taking over, wake up and vote them OUT. America is now weakened and more at the mercy of certain other nations that want to conquer us by whatever means possible and have indeed made clear exactly their intent.

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